Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August events


While everyone is complaining about the heat here in NYC, this is when I really feel my best, despite all the sweat and brain melting. I've had some good beach times (though honestly not enough), mini trips here and there, and in general I've been enjoying the company of many good friends, new and old. Summer for me is a time to recharge in a deep way and to start on projects like the yearly calendar, or new publications with folks, while also spending a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sun + warmth that sweetly reminds me of my tropical upbringing.

This summer is a bit different than previous years, due to some unexpected news—in November, I'm losing my housing, which is causing major restructuring within the stable life I've been fortunate to have here in NYC. Besides my house being where I eat and sleep, it's also where Pegacorn Press is based out of, so there is much to think about in this unexpected + disruptive transition. There is a big push to have calendars done and hopefully close to being sold out before the big move, and other projects that were in the works might need to be pushed back to accommodate the circumstances. I'm also in the beginnings of illustrating a book that my friend is writing (that's being published by a major publisher and is about one of my favorite things, MAGIC, but more on all this wowza! news at a later date), so there's A LOT going on. Everything going on resides within the #2blessed2bestressed zone and the move is not true crisis, just more like a mud slide//boulder combo on the road of life—the kind of mess that's gonna take a hot minute to clear out of the way, in order for the journey to continue. All I can do right now is RIDE THE WILD RIDE, keep on plugging away, and just look at all these circumstances as leading me to the next big thing, even if it's currently a total pain in the a$$ to uproot my life. #BLESSED and #letgoletgaia are the hashtag mottos I'm rolling with these days, #LOL!

It's quite possible that things will be in a storage unit for a bit, while I regroup over extended work trips/the holidays and focus on getting the next best spot for the beginning of 2018. This is the solid back up plan in this time of the "unknown," but the winds of change have been known to blow several directions, even in a single day. That being said, I'll be looking for housing in the coming months, so if you hear of great + affordable spots in NYC (they do exist), please let me know. I'm open to living with the right folks in a larger house or apartment, or nesting by myself—things are seeming wide open with possibilities right now, but I'm committed to spending more time in NYC and continuing on with Pegacorn Press + my art practice without too much of a hiatus!

Thanks always for reading and being supportive of my many endeavors—more information about upcoming events are below!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

This Saturday at Pioneer Works!!!

This Saturday, I'll be tabling at the Press Play Fair at Pioneer Works, as well as doing a performative reading which will most likely include experimental video, in the vein that I've been exploring lately. While the event is from 2-11PM, the main segment of the fair (and where you will find me when I'm not performing around 4:30 or so) is from 2-8:30PM.

If you haven't been to Pioneer Works, it's an amazing arts + event space in Red Hook and well worth the journey. You can always go hang out at Valentino Pier afterwards, which is one of my favorites waterfront spots in Brooklyn. Hope to see you in Red Hook on Saturday!

Pegacorn Press will be tabling QBTC in Montreal on Saturday, August 19th, with sweet friend, Mary Tremonte of Just Seeds. Really looking forward to this amazing event—please check their website for more information!

Woo-hoo! Pegacorn Press will be tabling Printed Matter's epic and amazing NY Art Book Fair again this year and it's exciting news, indeed! I'm happy to announce that I'm working with Edie Fake on a new publication to release at the fair—more information will be posted soon...

(P.S. If you haven't seen Edie's work before, please support another small publisher + friend, Perfectly Acceptable, and get the new GAYLORD PHOENIX, which is one of the most beautiful books I've gotten in a long time.)