Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August events


While everyone is complaining about the heat here in NYC, this is when I really feel my best, despite all the sweat and brain melting. I've had some good beach times (though honestly not enough), mini trips here and there, and in general I've been enjoying the company of many good friends, new and old. Summer for me is a time to recharge in a deep way and to start on projects like the yearly calendar, or new publications with folks, while also spending a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sun + warmth that sweetly reminds me of my tropical upbringing.

This summer is a bit different than previous years, due to some unexpected news—in November, I'm losing my housing, which is causing major restructuring within the stable life I've been fortunate to have here in NYC. Besides my house being where I eat and sleep, it's also where Pegacorn Press is based out of, so there is much to think about in this unexpected + disruptive transition. There is a big push to have calendars done and hopefully close to being sold out before the big move, and other projects that were in the works might need to be pushed back to accommodate the circumstances. I'm also in the beginnings of illustrating a book that my friend is writing (that's being published by a major publisher and is about one of my favorite things, MAGIC, but more on all this wowza! news at a later date), so there's A LOT going on. Everything going on resides within the #2blessed2bestressed zone and the move is not true crisis, just more like a mud slide//boulder combo on the road of life—the kind of mess that's gonna take a hot minute to clear out of the way, in order for the journey to continue. All I can do right now is RIDE THE WILD RIDE, keep on plugging away, and just look at all these circumstances as leading me to the next big thing, even if it's currently a total pain in the a$$ to uproot my life. #BLESSED and #letgoletgaia are the hashtag mottos I'm rolling with these days, #LOL!

It's quite possible that things will be in a storage unit for a bit, while I regroup over extended work trips/the holidays and focus on getting the next best spot for the beginning of 2018. This is the solid back up plan in this time of the "unknown," but the winds of change have been known to blow several directions, even in a single day. That being said, I'll be looking for housing in the coming months, so if you hear of great + affordable spots in NYC (they do exist), please let me know. I'm open to living with the right folks in a larger house or apartment, or nesting by myself—things are seeming wide open with possibilities right now, but I'm committed to spending more time in NYC and continuing on with Pegacorn Press + my art practice without too much of a hiatus!

Thanks always for reading and being supportive of my many endeavors—more information about upcoming events are below!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

This Saturday at Pioneer Works!!!

This Saturday, I'll be tabling at the Press Play Fair at Pioneer Works, as well as doing a performative reading which will most likely include experimental video, in the vein that I've been exploring lately. While the event is from 2-11PM, the main segment of the fair (and where you will find me when I'm not performing around 4:30 or so) is from 2-8:30PM.

If you haven't been to Pioneer Works, it's an amazing arts + event space in Red Hook and well worth the journey. You can always go hang out at Valentino Pier afterwards, which is one of my favorites waterfront spots in Brooklyn. Hope to see you in Red Hook on Saturday!

Pegacorn Press will be tabling QBTC in Montreal on Saturday, August 19th, with sweet friend, Mary Tremonte of Just Seeds. Really looking forward to this amazing event—please check their website for more information!

Woo-hoo! Pegacorn Press will be tabling Printed Matter's epic and amazing NY Art Book Fair again this year and it's exciting news, indeed! I'm happy to announce that I'm working with Edie Fake on a new publication to release at the fair—more information will be posted soon...

(P.S. If you haven't seen Edie's work before, please support another small publisher + friend, Perfectly Acceptable, and get the new GAYLORD PHOENIX, which is one of the most beautiful books I've gotten in a long time.)

Friday, May 19, 2017

2 Book fairs in 2 week + call for submissions


Starting tomorrow evening, Pegacorn Press will be tabling the first ever Brooklyn Art Book Fair, which is free and open to the public! Mike Taylor will also be at the table with some of his amazing prints, so stop by and say HI. For the full list of participants and other programming, please check out:

McCarren Park Play Center & Pool
Friday: 7-9pm (PREVIEW)
Saturday: 12-6pm

JUNE 3 & 4th:

Pegacorn Press will be tabling BABZ for the first time, which is exciting indeed! You can check out the list of other participants, as well as the full schedule of events, HERE.
Saturday, June 3, 1–7PM: free & open to the public
Sunday, June 4, 1–7PM: free & open to the public
Knockdown Center: 52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens, New York 11378
15 minutes walk from Jefferson L Stop
Nearby buses Q59, Q54, B57, B38
Shuttle runs every 15 minutes from the Jefferson L Stop

Wanna contribute to a Pegacorn Press publication?

I'm starting to work on a couple new publications, some of which are crowd sourced, that will be debut at the NY Art Book Fair this September. If you have any relevant materials, or want to contribute in any way, please email me at carolinepaquita(at) for more information and to be considered!

PROJECT #1: Smart phones, social media, + addiction

This is a publication that I've been mapping out for awhile, as I navigate my own relationship with technology (especially smart phones) and how it's changed not only how I spend a lot of my time, but how I function in this world. On April 1st, I switched my SIM card to a regular old candy-bar cell phone and have been experimenting with living life in NYC without being connected all the time. I had been noticing for awhile that I was constantly engaged, distracted, and unable to exist without constantly being on my phone somehow. It reminded me of when I was a smoker—which also drove me nuts for over a decade—as I couldn't do anything without making sure I had tobacco on me at all times. The phone is the new pack of cigarettes and once I made that personal connection, I knew that I needed to make some kind of larger change in order to regain not only my time, but my sanity. This publication is an investigation into all things concerning our current relationships with technology and how we choose to engage.


Some questions I'm exploring:  

—Have you never had a smart phone? Never even had a cell phone? Had one or the other (or both?), but decided to give it all up? Still have a landline? Do people make fun of your phone situation (that you don't have a cell or smart phone, or that you don't have an i-Phone, but an android)?

—How engaged are you with your phone? Do you use Facebook? Instagram? Dating sites? Other social media sites? News sites? Does constant access to news raise your stress levels? How do you feel about that? Does it "work for you?" Do you purposefully not have these apps on your phone because it doesn't?

—What do you do about limiting your time on the phone? Do you ever purposefully leave it at home? Do you care if the battery dies while you are out? Does that trigger panic/unease? Do you not feel like you can live without Google Maps at this point?

—Do you, or your friends/family get mad/or concerned if a response isn't given within a certain time-frame (and it's a non emergency communication)? How do you feel about people's expectations of when you are supposed to reply by? Have you notice this change since you got a smart phone?

—When you have traveled overseas, or haven't had your regular data for whatever reason, have you felt withdrawal symptoms?

—Have you ever purposefully gone on a "digital detox?" What did you do, for how long, and what did you experience? Do you often experience FOMO (fear of missing out) after scrolling through a social media feed?

—Do you just have a wild story about a situation regarding cell phones, just for shits and giggles?


If any of this resonates with you and you would like to share, I'm gathering material until July or so, before I really start working out the details.

PROJECT #2: Collection of imagery and advice from self help books, especially of the more esoteric flavor
I'm starting to collect imagery and seemingly absurd advice/ritual/etc from self help books and other esoteric publications. The intent isn't to make fun of them, but more to explore options and ways that people navigate all sorts of problems and situations, particularly in the realm of mental, emotional, and meta-physical states. I have my own fair share of books of this type and at different times, different things have resonated with me. Over the years, I've found that the more open I am to things, the more expansive everything has become, so when I may have laughed at some weird shit I've come across, later on I've oddly incorporated it into my daily life.

This publication is part CRAP HOUND, part self-help in it's own round-about + abstract way—if you have any relevant materials, please scan it as a 300 DPI jpeg file and include the author, title, and page number. All submissions will be considered and if it goes to print, you will be listed as a contributor, as well as get a copy in the mail! carolinepaquita(at)

PROJECT #3: Sobriety and creativity

It's public knowledge that I've been sober for the past two years, after stints of sobriety throughout the past decade. It's been a wild and amazing journey to get to this place and it's something that I think of daily, as I sort out my thoughts about it all.

I'm curious in hearing from creative types (visual artists, writers, musicians) who are either sober, or have had periods (six months or more) of sobriety. People who have tried programs, people who have not, people who have stopped cold turkey, people who have gone through detox centers, people who just have never drank/used ever? What works for you and what doesn't?

I'm often contacted by others who are on the same path, even though I barely have any time under my belt. The concept behind this publication is to create a larger conversation among creatives to share their process + path to where they are now. It's fairly common for artists to have relationships with addiction and there's a lot of myth surrounding sobriety that you will not have that "creative fire" anymore. (Or, that if you aren't out schmoozing at an opening with a glass of wine, that you won't be included anymore!) I think that there is a general interest in hearing other artist's stories outside of a Twelve-Step context and that there are other creatives who are seeking ways to figure out their relationships to drugs and alcohol, whether they find it problematic, or not.

The exact format of this publication is unclear and at this point, I'm in a gathering phase to see how this might all come together, depending on what kind of feedback I get. Feel free to get in touch if you feel like sharing. Anonymity and confidentiality is important and sharing doesn't necessarily mean that it will be printed—you will be asked for further permission if it seems like your content will be used. This is more of a phase one call out for possible contributors/submissions to be considered.


I've been meaning to put this information out for awhile now and I hope to hear from you, if any of this resonates with you. This is will be the only dispatch (and probably the longest ever, my apologies!) for some time, so mark your calendars if you are in the NY area and are interested in these book fairs. The Pegacorn Press online store is open 24/7/365, if there are any titles that you would like to purchase, but are unable to attend these events.

Many thanks for all the continual support in Pegacorn Press activities, as well as my own personal endeavors. If you want to see a more daily glimpse into my world, rather than these infrequently posted blasts, feel free to follow me on Instagram. As part of my smart phone adventures that explores what does and doesn't work for me at this point, I've started using that technology to make experimental videos again (the above image is a still from one) and to share about beekeeping, my favorite hobby of all time. That has been a fun and different way for me to engage—let me know what you think!

Take care + bee well*,
Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

*101 beekeeping nerd joke

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hallooo + Happy Spring!!!

Pegacorn Press will be tabling this Sunday at the Come Together Music Festival at Moma PS1 in Long Island City, NYC. It's a quick day (12-6pm), but should be exciting—more information can be found via HERE.

The LA Art Book Fair this year was AMAZING! The folks at Printed Matter are professionals at putting together a great fair and this year was probably my favorite so far. It's always a pleasure to participate in such an excellent event with so many inspiring artists + publishers, but the folks who come out for it are so stellar as well, which really makes it special.

While at the fair, I was did a short interview with Paper Mag, along with some of my favorite ladies I know through self publishing: Heather Benjamin, Tamara SantibaƱez, Girls Like Us, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, Nicole Killian, and Emma Kolhmann. If you aren't familiar with these babes, you can find out more about them HERE to get an idea of what everyone is up to.

Also while I was in LA, I was also able to do an interview with Nicole Georges, queer-feminist comic icon and animal-lover extraordinaire. She is a prolific illustrator, author, and does the podcast Sagittarian Matters. We went out crystal shopping and then laid in bed petting her producer, Ponyo (a Chihuahua—see photo below), while chatting about the current state of politics, relationships with technology, punk, punk medical myths, and all around DIY ethos. It was super fun and if you have time and want to check it out, you can find the podcast HERE.

The Pegacorn Press Etsy is open again, with some new listings, which includes the second edition of Bar Dykes, as well as reprints of Let Go, Let Gaia, and Primordial Cooch. A new batch of GODDESS hankies will be listed in the next week or so, for those who are interested.

There are many things in the works and I hope that by the next post, I'll be able to share some of them. In the meantime, thank you for your continual support and I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of Spring, wherever you are!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

LA Art Book Fair 2017


Starting this Thursday evening in LA:

It'll be the third year in a row that Pegacorn Press is tabling at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair and it's really exciting to be heading that way again. It's a really wonderful fair all around and if you're in the area, please make a point to stop by—it's also amazingly free and open to the public.

What will I have at this magnificent fair? A second edition of Bar Dykes, Dean Sameshima's Encounters publications + shirts, a new Primordial Cooch (that I made with Knust while in the Netherlands), all the Womanimalistic titles, publications and prints by Mike Taylor, new Goddess + CUNT hankies, posters, patches, and mini prints.

Preview: Thursday, February 23, 6–9 pm ($10, refer to the site for more info)
Friday February 24, 1pm-7pm
Saturday February 25, 11am-7pm
Sunday February 26, 11am-6pm

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6222

Thanks for reading and as always, thank you for your continual support in my Womanimalistic/Pegacorn Press endeavors!

Much love,
Caroline Paquita

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So long 2016 and hallooo 2017

Greetings from Berlin---


I'll be working with Johanna of Colarama, Aisha Franz, and several other artists doing Colorama CLUBHOUSE. Excited! CC is a monthly collaborative project with different artists—a small group is invited to meet and produce a limited edition of folded zines. Coming from various areas of design, writing, and illustration, and ideally a combination that has not worked with each other before...


I'll be doing a talk on Sunday at 6pm at Anagram Books, in conjunction with an exhibition + programming that Sergej Vutuc and Matt Plezier have organized. The show revolves around punk/hardcore counter-culture zine making from the 1990s, the communities and relationships that grew out of those movements, and where we are today in the current social media take-over of how we are disseminating and sharing information/ideas.

Having pulled myself out of most forms of social media (besides Instagram, which is one of my last holds on a former photo-based practice), I'm happily giving a talk with my fellow quasi-Luddite best friend, Al Burian. We will both be giving presentations of our work and talking about our process together as friends, artists, self-publishers, and collaborators. We will probably be the only people in the room not on Facebook? ;) JOIN USSSSS...

More information on the programming during this exhibit can be found at:

By popular demand...

There is a pre-order for a second edition printing of the 2017 Paquita Calendar, for those who may have missed the flash sale in November. I'll be printing and sending out the new edition when I get back to Brooklyn in early January—orders will be send out no later than January 9th. If you're interested, please check out:

"Dank je," beautiful people of the Netherlands!

I had an excellent time at the 2016 Magical Riso seminar at the Jan Eyck Academie and my talk, RISO FOR THE PEOPLE, went over quite well. With 120 people in attendance, the seminar was packed with amazing printers, artists, and designers that all utilize stencil duplicating machines to make their work. Thank you, Jo Frenken, master-printer-extraordinaire, for organizing such a powerhouse event and inviting me to speak at it.

On this trip, I was fortunate enough to be able to finally visit EXTRAPOOL/Knust Press, in Nijmegen—which was a dream come true. Over the course of five days, I produced an A2 sized mini (on the new humongous Riso printer) with help from the dream team, Joyce Guley and Jan Dirk de Wilde. They generously hosted and showed me the ways of their amazing printshop and home, which also serves as an experimental noise venue and art space. Big thanks to them and the Extrapool family for such an excellent and inspiring week! The new mini will be available this weekend at Anagram and will be listed online when I get back to Brooklyn.





Saturday, November 5, 2016

2017 Paquita Calendars...ARE DONE!

It will be an extremely short season for Paquita calendars this year (8th annual!), if, that is, you want them before first week of January. I'm heading overseas in a few weeks and will be closing my online store down on November 20th...til the beginning of next year. Now would be the time to get your calendars, especially at these early bird prices. This is also fundraising for a self imposed artist residency in Berlin, so all sales help keep me well fed on brotchen/cheap falafel and able to buy some art supplies while I'm there.

Orders can be done either through a paypal or venmo payment (to, or if you're local, you can reserve copies via email and pay only $10 a copy for in person pick ups before November 20th. If you order through paypal/venmo, please make sure to include your mailing address with your order!

You can also purchase copies through my Etsy store, however, shipping charges will start applying after the first copy. Now would be a good time to grab copies of other Pegacorn Press titles listed, as some are almost sold out and will not be reprinted. ((I'm particularly proud of Bar Dykes and ENCOUNTERS, which both debuted at the New York Art Book Fair this year.))

The breakdown:
$12: 1 calendar + free U.S. shipping

$22: 2 calendars + U.S. free shipping

$50: 5 calendars +  free U.S. shipping

$100: 11 calendars + free U.S. shipping

Most of you know the drill with all this, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Prices will go up to their normal rate ($12 + shipping) next week in the online store, so now is the time to cash in!

Pegacorn Press events in November:

TODAY--->> I'll be at Comic Arts Brooklyn—It'll be my sixth year tabling at Gabe's (from Desert Island) annual comics fest and it's not to be missed! Mike Taylor will also be at the table with some of his gorgeous new prints that seriously make me drool.

Ace Hotel NYC//Artist in Residence

TOMORROW-->> I'll be doing a one night artist residency at the Ace Hotel—woo-hoo! In celebration of Printed Matter's 40th anniversary, Ace Hotel has been hosting a 40 nights of artists & events across their properties throughout 2016. I'm pleased to have been selected and look forward to making some work and lounging-hotel-style, a rare past time from my former rock 'n' roll life.
Saturday, November 12th:

I'll be tabling at the first annual New Women Print & Zine Festival—many thanks to Got a Girl Crush for inviting me to participate in the the first NWPZF at this new amazing space in Brooklyn! (If you aren't familiar, Got a Girl Crush, is an excellent women's magazine that you should make a point to check out.)

11/25: Pegacorn Press at Magical Riso

I'll be giving a presentation at the Magical Riso conference this year titled, "RISO FOR THE PEOPLE," about creating affordable and accessible editions using Risograph stencil duplicators. A little bit of personal history of being a punk rocker who makes zines, to where I'm at now, and why I run the press the way that I do—aka, as a Granny in the basement cranking out the manifestos, spreading an "artistic gaylord agenda." Excited to head to the Netherlands and see as many print studios as possible and then head to...

As I mentioned, I'll be back in Berlin on a self imposed artist residency with good friend, Al Burian. Time to relax after a very busy year, which has concluded with me recovering from a concussion since late August. The experience has been pretty intense and life changing—but oddly helpful in leading me towards slowing down in many ways. December is all about self care, working out some longer terms projects/goals, fun collaborations with a couple of my fave Berliners, and heading back to Berghain to dance it up like a teenage raver.

I'm looking forward to 2017 and hope that all is well, wherever this finds you—many thanks for getting through this epic email. There may still be one email blast in the next couple weeks to announce a mega flash sale on art, as I do some fall time studio cleaning/prep for my trip, so be on the lookout.

As always, thanks for your support in this wild thing called life and HAPPY 2017 in advance!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NYABF and fall events

New York Art Book Fair 2016

It's that time of year and Pegacorn Press is pleased to be tabling the New York Art Book Fair again, starting tomorrow! Come by A67 in the zine tent and check out all the new titles (images below), Dean Sameshima's amazing screenprinted t-shirts, Happy/Sad dolls, CUNT hankies, and Riso prints...

I'm super excited to be debuting three new publications at the fair:
BAR DYKES: a collaboration between Merril Mushroom, Faythe Levine, and myself
Encounters: by Dean Sameshima
Lost Love//Love Lost: a new experimental prose/photo book of mine that I printed at Colour Code (in Toronto) during a week long visit/work camp

Special Events
The NY Art Book Fair preview and reception:
Thursday, September 15, 6–9 pm

Ticketed Entry $10 (Members $5)

Hours and Location
The NY Art Book Fair is free and open to the public:
Friday, September 16, 1 pm–7 pm
Saturday, September 17, 11 am–9 pm
Sunday, September 18, 11 am–7 pm


Many things happening this fall—here's a little preview...
October 22-23rd:
2016 Queer Zine Fair at The Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

November 5th:
Comic Arts Brooklyn at Mt. Carmel Gymnasium

November 25th:
Magical Riso #2 at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands
That's all for now...enjoy these last days of summer!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press