Friday, May 20, 2016

June in Berlin



This upcoming month will be spent in Berlin, which is exciting news indeed! It's been five years since I was last there and it was during that fateful five week European rock 'n' roll tour that Pegacorn Press was conceived. I had already been self publishing since 1996 and printing with my first Risograph since 2009, but had been vision questing ways to formalize what I was already doing—to expand my personal artistic practice to publish works by friends and artists that I admire. It's mind-blowing to think how far things have come in those five years—nearly thirty publications have been released, with new projects always in the works. Thanks for all the support throughout the years, as that is a huge part of what keeps me going!

Before leaving the US, there is a major "everything-must-go" sale via my Etsy store (starting NOW!!!), in order to help fund this epic trip. There are handmade CUNT hankies, Risograph prints, publications (including copies of the cult SF classic, THOSE FUCKING UNICORNS), and the last of the HAPPY/SAD plush dolls. The store will be closed from May 27th through early July, so if anything catches your eye, now would be the time—many titles listed are almost out and won't be reprinted.

Reading (June 5th) +  Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair (June 10-12th)


YAY—I'm so excited for these events! All the relevant info is listed on the fliers below...

Mike Taylor's new mini, RANCHERO, while available now in the US, will officially debut at MISS READ.  Al Burian will be tabling with me sporadically throughout the fair, so come by and say hello!


I'll be tabling a small comics event on the 18th with Al Burian + will be having an exhibition of Risograph prints at WE MAKE IT, tentatively set for June 24th. When I have all the details sorted out, that info will be posted!

While the month will be busy, if you know of any spots to check out, or queers/freaks/artists to meet while in Berlin, please get in touch. I'm also looking for any leads on queer land projects in Germany (like Ida or Raven's Crossing), so any help with that would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and happy spring----->>summer!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring is here...


WOW! My first museum talk!

I'm so honored to be giving a talk on Friday at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.)—I hope that you can make it if you are in the area!


I'm excited to be a part of this amazing group show at Printed Matter:

Ordinary Extraordinary

New Independent Publishing by Women
March 26 - April 11, 2016
5:00 – 7:00

Featuring the work of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe, Emma Kohlmann, LAZY MOM, Melinda Melmoth, Miniature Garden, Pegacorn Press, and Slow Editions.
Opening Saturday, March 26th, 5-7pm, with the launch of Lazy Mom’s new zine, Easy Come
Ordinary Extraordinary is a group show of work by women-run publishing imprints and self-publishing artists. Using inexpensive printing techniques such as photocopying and risograph, much of this work takes inspiration from the familiar and everyday and elevates it to a new level of importance and relevance. With themes ranging from pop culture icons and processed foods to the human form and sexuality, these publishers offer fresh perspectives on well-established subject matter….
LAZY MOM creates otherworldly installations out of junk food and pantry staples. The fruits of their labor are at once recognizable but wholly transformed into something that you would probably never want to eat.
Melinda Melmoth pays painstaking homage to pop culture television and movies by drawing each scene from hit shows and films such as “True Detective”, “Magic Mike”, and “Magic Mike 2”. Also on view will be her quilt depicting nude scenes from the HBO prison show, “Oz”.
Miniature Garden re-examines traditional and sometimes mundane forms of domesticity and provides new context for viewing and appreciating the intimacy of the home in publications such as “Household Objects” and “House Plant Music” a cassette tape featuring the music of Xiu Xiu with an accompanying zine of photographs and drawings by Denise Schatz.
Alicia Nauta of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe creates imagined interior spaces by taking recognizable elements that make up a home such as rugs, windows and doorways and combining them in strange and often psychedelic ways.
Slow Editions publishes books, drawings and multiples rooted in drawing. Eunice Luk’s own work plays with line, form, and abstraction. Her simple & elegant drawings are made up of abstracted shapes that hint at recognizable forms of figures, trees, and vessels. Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk often collaborate on books and prints, a selection of which will also be included in the show.
Caroline Paquita of Pegacorn Press creates a mystical form of feminism that simultaneously feels ancient and yet entirely contemporary. In works such as “Garden of the Womanimal” and “Womanimalistic”, wild and fierce females run amok and the vagina reigns over all.
Emma Kohlmann creates haunting and beautifully erotic narratives by interweaving simple and crude ink drawings with poetic musings on alienation, sex, and death. Awkward bodies lumber on the pages and engage in a multitude of sexual positions with eachother, but a feeling of loneliness persists throughout.
About Easy Come:
LAZY MOM’s fifth self-published zine, “Easy Come” is a collection of visceral food photography with romantic and debaucherous undertones. Imagine a sweaty summer night with melted candy drips and a swirling sea of chocolate. Imagine a hot date with a full frontal octopus and a rose dipped in Cheez Whiz. Imagine no more because it’s all a reality…come inside “Easy Come.”
Image from the cover of Easy Come

Photo by Chris Berntsen. February 2016, New Orleans, LA

In loving memory of Evan Sabourin, 1979-2016


This past weekend, I lost a dear friend and fellow artist that I was working with. We were in the process of working on a Pegacorn Press publication featuring Evan's art, which was centered around addiction and recovery. To lose him to his struggle with addiction, especially after just having visited him last month in rural Manitoba, is completely devastating. My heart goes out to everyone who is mourning his passing—he was truly a special person and really made a mark on everyone he met.

If you knew Evan, there will be several celebrations of his life happening this month, one of which is tomorrow in his home town of St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba. Another one will be in Minneapolis on April 9th—please email if you want details for that event.

I will be tabling the Miss Read: Berlin Art Book Fair in June, and will be doing several reading events with Al Burian while I'm there for the month. I will also be having an art show of prints in Berlin—more details on all that soon!

In the interim, much love to everyone and happy Spring. Please take a minute to express gratitude to the people that you love and hold close to your heart!

Caroline Paquita + Pegacorn Press

Sunday, February 7, 2016

LA Art Book Fair



It's that time of year to escape New York and head west for Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair! I'm super excited to exhibit at this incredible fair for the second time and am bringing everything from handmade dolls, screenprinted hankies, Risograph posters, and even the postcard vending machine that was shown in WOO-WOO WOMANIVAL this past fall.

I have a mini debuting as part of Box of Books, Vol. IX, a collaboration between Tiny Splendor and Darin Klein & Friends and I can't wait to see this fine collection in person. Tiny Splendor is a fellow Risograph publisher who does A+ work, while Darin has been collaborating with artists for the past twenty years or so. Big thanks to both of them for asking me to participate!

LAABF is going to be excellent and I'd love to see you—or your LA friends that you tell about it—there!

Preview: Thursday, February 11, 6–9 pm BUY TICKETS HERE
Printed Matter’s LA ART BOOK FAIR, free and open to the public:
Friday February 12, 1pm-6pm
Saturday February 13, 11am-7pm
Sunday February 14, 11am-6pm

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6222



This past Friday I had the pleasure of being a juror for the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, on a Drawing and Illustration panel. Along with Art Spiegelman and Juan Sanchez, we looked at nearly a thousand submissions by incredibly talented high school aged students. It was a completely mind blowing experience and a day well spent with some legendary artists. Thanks to Monica Johnson for asking me to participate!
Two Pegacorn Press titles have recently been included in Printed Matter's featured tables. The collaboration with Cold Meat was in Illustrated Erotica, while Primordial Cooch was in Feminist Publications. (I was absolutely tickled to see my work next to Judy Chicago's The Complete Dinner Party and a publication edited by the Guerrilla Girls! Really rubbing elbows with some favorite legends online, ha!) I have deep respect for Printed Matter and what they do—if you are unfamiliar with them, please make a point to check them out—they are truly amazing and deserve your support.


Online sales will be suspended for most of February while I'm out of town. If there's anything that you want to put a hold on, please email me directly at carolinepaquita(at)gmail(dot)com. There's lot's of exciting news coming up this Spring and I can't wait to spill the beans as everything comes together.

As always, thanks for all the love, support, and encouragement!

Caroline Paquita /// Pegacorn Press


Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall news!!!


or to get on my email list (that's sent out only every couple months or so). It occurred to me that I can just repost my email blasts, which is what is posted below..>>>


Wowza!!! There is a ton going on this month, so much so that I've barely had time to compile this post. Thanks for everyone who came out for the New York Art Book Fair—it was an amazing event and I was so happy to be there showing off all the Pegacorn Press titles. All of them are still available through my Etsy store, in case there was anything that you wanted to pick up later!

Amazingly, I have two solo exhibitions happening (both of which are opening super soon), have a new drawing in the newest Smoke Signal, am a special guest AND will be tabling Comic Arts Brooklyn... all in the next couple weeks!

The excitement starts with:


Opens Thursday November 5th, 7-10pm
Featuring New-Age sounds from a live modular synth set (from 8-9pm), by Balloon Monument.

In conjunction with Comic Arts Brooklyn and Desert Island Comics, Wayfarers is delighted to be exhibiting Caroline Paquita’s WOO-WOO-WOMANIVAL, an exploration of the yin-yang of life/death/happy/sad through a carnival-meets-healing-center installation. Building upon a larger body of work, Paquita uses her WOMANIMALS as a vehicle to explore these topics, as well as gender, sexuality, spirituality, and the nuanced energies that surround the “unknown.”
An amalgamation of works inspired by Coney Island, nudist retreats and crystal shops, the exhibition features drawings, paintings, papier-mâché, sewn soft sculpture, automaton/kinetic wood sculpture, Risograph prints and zines. Viewers will be able to interact with several vending machines, “toys,” and other objects of absurdity while surrounded by crystals, new age music, and essential oils. In celebration of Comic Arts Brooklyn, a collection of works published via Paquita’s publishing house,
Pegacorn Press, will be also be shown.

The show will be up from November 5th- 29th and it happens to be in the gallery of my studio space. If there was ever a time that you wanted to see what I do (and where I have been working for the past two years), now would be the opportunity. If the hours for the gallery don't work for you, feel free to contact me for a scheduled viewing. (Big thanks to Comic Arts Brooklyn and Wayfarers!!!)


I'm a special guest this year, as well as tabling at the one and only Comic Arts Brooklyn! You'll be able to find Mike Taylor and myself downstairs at table D15, between Brian Chippendale and Lale Westvind (who has been published several times by Pegacorn Press cause she rules!).

Mt. Carmel Gymnasium: 12 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY

Remember RIDE THE WILD RIDE box set I made last year, archiving all my publications (both my work and the artists that I've published) between 1996-2014? The National Museum of Women in the Arts will be exhibiting it in their library for the next six months, which is one of the biggest honors EVER. In my world, I call this MONDO news and I get a little joyfully teary eyed when I think about how neat this is!

NOV 16 2015–MAY 13 2016
Womanimal: Zine Art by Caroline Paquita
Caroline Paquita (b. 1980) is a Brooklyn-based artist, zinester, and founder of Pegacorn Press. Her first self-published zine, Brazen Hussy, used xerography like other punk zines of the 1990s, but it already shows evidence of Paquita’s distinctive aesthetic, which features strong line work. Paquita’s recent work has focused on envisioning “Womanimals”—half-woman/half-animal creatures that seek to interject a queered whimsy and irreverence into distracted modern culture. This exhibition showcases Paquita’s punk art zine-making over the past 18 years.
- See more at:

I'm extremely thankful to the Heather Slania (the Director of the library there) for adding the box set to their collection and being such a pleasure to work with. Big thanks also to Aimee Lusty and Booklyn, for leading me to archive my work and for getting it out there and into several other collections. If you find yourself in DC anytime soon, check it out, or come out for my artist talk that I'll be doing at NMWA on March 25th—more on that later!

(Photo of an automaton in progress for Woo Woo Womanival)

Thanks for getting through this epic post—happy Fall and I hope that everyone is well!!!

Caroline Paquita

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stampede of tabling! New Publications!

2015 has been such a whirlwind already that I've forgotten to not only post about tabling the LA Art Book Fair, but also about the two new publications (PRIMORDIAL COOCH & The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen by Mike Taylor) that debuted at it! Ach! How has the time passed by so quickly!? This is a meta-post, to bring everything up to speed!
By C.Paquita
By Mike Taylor
The LAABF was a huge success and extremely inspiring—I only wish that there had been more time to dive more into everyone's tables. (Each, is truly it's own universe!) As the only person at the P.P. table, it was necessary to stay within an arms reach of it throughout the three+ days of the fair. However, since the LAABF was packed with a cornucopia of amazing artists/publishers/people-that-I-know-of-through-the-internet-but-finally-got-to-meet-in-person, I was in good company. One of the truly best parts was the general public who came out to check out the fairtons of sweet folks with great questions and also, ultra supportive of Pegacorn Press. Such a great fair experience and it didn't hurt that I was able to get a Bay Area trip in as well to see more friends! Get a much needed break from all this snow and cold and NYC winter... I'm really over winter and can't wait for WARMTH!

NEXT WEEK! March 28-29th:
I'll be at RIPE as a special guest and you can also find me moderating the panel, Social and Political Motivation in Art. Please check the expo site for the specific time and place of the talk, if you're interested in attending. Very excited!!!

April 11-12th: 
Pegacorn Press will be at MOCCA this year, along with Mike Taylor! You can find us on the third floor (table 358B), so stop by and say hello sometime during those two days. (More info will be posted closer to the event.)

April 26th: 
Pegacorn Press will be at the Brooklyn Zine Fest again, for the fourth year in a row! Hooray! The fest is split up into two days, with different exhibitors on each, so please check out the fest on the 25th as well if you'd like to get a full weekend of zines!
(More info will also be posted closer to the event.)

After much searching on Ebay, I was recently able to score a Martin Yale stack cutter, which is a humongous and much needed addition to the press. Expect more publications with full bleeds and odd sizes in the future. Working on several new projects that will hopefully be completed this summer and I seriously can't wait to use this beast and make the magic happen!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2015 Paquita Calendar

It's time for 2015 and to get organized with the sixth annual Paquita Calendar!

Hot off the press, this wall calendar features twelve unique drawings, all drawn by Caroline Paquita in Brooklyn, New York.

Produced using a Risograph stencil duplicator in Paquita's studio, the calendar is printed with burgundy and blue ink on heavier light gray colored paper. They're legal sized (8.5" x 14") folded in half, stapled, rounded corners and complete with a small hanging hole. On the last two pages, there's a 2016 calendar grid for reference, as well as a "Woo-Woo" chart that lets you know your astrological sign, which crystals are most compatible with your birth month and a recommended herb to learn each month.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Come celebrate some new Pegacorn Press publications with us on Saturday night at Booklyn!

Down By The Bay (Aimee Lusty), Late Era Clash #26 (Mike Taylor) and The Time Is Now (Caroline Paquita) will all be unleashed to the public. A box set featuring every publication made and/or produced by Paquita (since high school, aka, the 1990's!!!), will be available to check out, as well as the exhibition, GARDEN OF THE WOMANIMAL which ends the following day. It's definitely a meta-event of all things print related!

Booklyn: 37 Greenpoint Ave, 4th Floor
7-10PM- FREE