Friday, May 20, 2016

June in Berlin



This upcoming month will be spent in Berlin, which is exciting news indeed! It's been five years since I was last there and it was during that fateful five week European rock 'n' roll tour that Pegacorn Press was conceived. I had already been self publishing since 1996 and printing with my first Risograph since 2009, but had been vision questing ways to formalize what I was already doing—to expand my personal artistic practice to publish works by friends and artists that I admire. It's mind-blowing to think how far things have come in those five years—nearly thirty publications have been released, with new projects always in the works. Thanks for all the support throughout the years, as that is a huge part of what keeps me going!

Before leaving the US, there is a major "everything-must-go" sale via my Etsy store (starting NOW!!!), in order to help fund this epic trip. There are handmade CUNT hankies, Risograph prints, publications (including copies of the cult SF classic, THOSE FUCKING UNICORNS), and the last of the HAPPY/SAD plush dolls. The store will be closed from May 27th through early July, so if anything catches your eye, now would be the time—many titles listed are almost out and won't be reprinted.

Reading (June 5th) +  Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair (June 10-12th)


YAY—I'm so excited for these events! All the relevant info is listed on the fliers below...

Mike Taylor's new mini, RANCHERO, while available now in the US, will officially debut at MISS READ.  Al Burian will be tabling with me sporadically throughout the fair, so come by and say hello!


I'll be tabling a small comics event on the 18th with Al Burian + will be having an exhibition of Risograph prints at WE MAKE IT, tentatively set for June 24th. When I have all the details sorted out, that info will be posted!

While the month will be busy, if you know of any spots to check out, or queers/freaks/artists to meet while in Berlin, please get in touch. I'm also looking for any leads on queer land projects in Germany (like Ida or Raven's Crossing), so any help with that would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and happy spring----->>summer!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press