Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So long 2016 and hallooo 2017

Greetings from Berlin---


I'll be working with Johanna of Colarama, Aisha Franz, and several other artists doing Colorama CLUBHOUSE. Excited! CC is a monthly collaborative project with different artists—a small group is invited to meet and produce a limited edition of folded zines. Coming from various areas of design, writing, and illustration, and ideally a combination that has not worked with each other before...


I'll be doing a talk on Sunday at 6pm at Anagram Books, in conjunction with an exhibition + programming that Sergej Vutuc and Matt Plezier have organized. The show revolves around punk/hardcore counter-culture zine making from the 1990s, the communities and relationships that grew out of those movements, and where we are today in the current social media take-over of how we are disseminating and sharing information/ideas.

Having pulled myself out of most forms of social media (besides Instagram, which is one of my last holds on a former photo-based practice), I'm happily giving a talk with my fellow quasi-Luddite best friend, Al Burian. We will both be giving presentations of our work and talking about our process together as friends, artists, self-publishers, and collaborators. We will probably be the only people in the room not on Facebook? ;) JOIN USSSSS...

More information on the programming during this exhibit can be found at:

By popular demand...

There is a pre-order for a second edition printing of the 2017 Paquita Calendar, for those who may have missed the flash sale in November. I'll be printing and sending out the new edition when I get back to Brooklyn in early January—orders will be send out no later than January 9th. If you're interested, please check out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/carolinepaquita

"Dank je," beautiful people of the Netherlands!

I had an excellent time at the 2016 Magical Riso seminar at the Jan Eyck Academie and my talk, RISO FOR THE PEOPLE, went over quite well. With 120 people in attendance, the seminar was packed with amazing printers, artists, and designers that all utilize stencil duplicating machines to make their work. Thank you, Jo Frenken, master-printer-extraordinaire, for organizing such a powerhouse event and inviting me to speak at it.

On this trip, I was fortunate enough to be able to finally visit EXTRAPOOL/Knust Press, in Nijmegen—which was a dream come true. Over the course of five days, I produced an A2 sized mini (on the new humongous Riso printer) with help from the dream team, Joyce Guley and Jan Dirk de Wilde. They generously hosted and showed me the ways of their amazing printshop and home, which also serves as an experimental noise venue and art space. Big thanks to them and the Extrapool family for such an excellent and inspiring week! The new mini will be available this weekend at Anagram and will be listed online when I get back to Brooklyn.