Sunday, July 31, 2016

Late summer//early fall events

(*Berlin photobooth, one-a-week-ritual/souvenir)


Hey all! Happy summer! It's been a hot minute since I've written, but it's been busy times since an amazing month in Germany (thank you, universe!) and then getting caught up in the typical NYC whirlwind of "reality." PEGACORN PRESS is deep in some major projects and before I forget, here's the list of what's happening in the next month and a half...


August 6, 2016--->12PM-4:30PM
Travis Fristoe Memorial Zine Fest
Dekalb Public Library: 790 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Come celebrate the new zine library at the Dekalb Public Library, in honor of my best friend (and dear friend to many), Travis Fristoe, who passed away last year. It's totally in the spirit of who he was to start a zine collection in a public library, so I'm stoked to be a part of this event and to help perpetuate all the goodness he shared in this world. I'm still so terribly sad to have lost him, but look forward to this event and hope that if you're in the area, you can stop by.

If you are unable to come, but would like to make a donation to a fund for his daughter, Astrid, you can do that HERE.



2016 has been a "year of the Canadian" for me, so I'm pleased to finally make my way to Toronto, for this great event that my friends from Colour Code put together! (Excited, excited, excited!!!)

Saturday August 20th: 11-6pm
The Great Hall *lower level*
1087 Queen St W, Toronto


It's almost that time of year again:

September 16-18, 2016
Preview: Thursday, September 15, 6-9pm

Hooray! Pegacorn Press will be at the NYABF in the Zine Tent again, at A67. There are many projects in the works:

I've been blessed to work with best friend, Faythe Levine, on a publication titled, Bar Dykes, centered around our friend/queer elder, Merril Mushroom. In the early eighties, Merril wrote Bar Dykes, a play about lesbian bar culture in the 1950's—the play will be republished, accompanied by a long form interview with her. A prolific writer and all-around-badass, Merril is, and has been, an influential elder to queers everywhere. I've been fortunate to have spent time with her on multiple occasions when I've visited Dowelltown, Tennessee, so this project means a lot to me—it's also quite flattering that she was excited to do this publication with Pegacorn Press! (Big thanks to Faythe for initiating this project and for being such a great collaborative partner/interviewer/editor/BFF!)

I'm also in the process of working on a project with artist, Dean Sameshima, an American expat living in Berlin. Currently untitled, it's a photo-based publication of images—I won't say too much about it until it's done, as we are still very much deep in our process ;). Nonetheless, I'm happy to have connected with him in Berlin and also really looking forward to this publication. Besides his amazing art practice, he makes awesome shirts as well—check out his ETSY.

2017 is creeping up and fingers crossed that I will actually have the new calendar ready by the fair. Potentially, this is a tall order, but seeing that I will be spending another month in Europe later this fall, I'm trying to have 2017 calendar sales completed by the time I leave again. (There will be early bird discounts and package deals as usual!)

Why back to Europe so soon? Well, I was invited to speak at the Magical Riso 2016 Seminar in the Netherlands—WOWZA! For the person in the Risograph community that sometimes feels like I'm the granny diligently cranking out manifestos in the basement with an ancient machine and doing everything so DIY or die style, this is a humongous honor! It's not until late November, but I'm truly excited to be included and do a presentation at this international conference, so much so that I felt compelled to announce this event months in advance.

There is still a couple more projects slowly stewing on the burners, but it's still too far away to tell if we'll get them done in time for the NYABF—wish me/us luck!

Photo from Miss Read: Berlin Art Book Fair, June 2016


Thanks for getting through this post—I try to pack it all into occasional meta blasts, rather than constantly putting them up. I've got one foot halfway through "the Luddite door" and constantly reminisce of the days before cell phones//personal computers, when we all sent letters instead. Yeah, I am a granny in a basement talking about the past here (!!!), but I do try to keep on top of things via Instagram as @lilmizpaquitata, if you'd rather follow along via that format.

Nonetheless, it's always such a pleasure to do PEGACORN PRESS—I love it as an extension of my personal practice that keeps me engaged with other artists, as well as the larger world. I truly appreciate all the support that has been extended to me + this publishing adventure throughout the years and look forward to what the future holds.

Hope all is well, wherever you are—get some swimming in while you can and enjoy these warmer months!

Caroline Paquita//Pegacorn Press

P.S. The Pegacorn Press Etsy store is back up, if there are any titles/hankies you want to grab before they sell out during "fair season."