Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Solstice Pop Up Shop + Booklyn this Spring

This Saturday, December 21st, from 12pm-5pm, I'll be having a super informal "holiday shop," over at Coast Cycles, in Brooklyn, NY. If you're in the NYC area and wanting to get a 2014 Paquita Calendar (it's 5th year!!!), or any other Pegacorn Press publication, now is the time to save on shipping and be ready with some holiday gifts. There will be package deals on everything, as well as some complimentary hot beverages to sip on before you head back into the cold!

Buy 5 calendars ($10 each), get the sixth free, or if you really want to do it up, buy 10 and get 2 extras. Cash and checks work, as well as sending money via Paypal from your phone. (If you're not able to make it, you can still order through
Etsy and Storenvy, though in person, calendars are only $10, not $12+shipping AND you're welcome to haggle/barter with me in a friendly way.)

Coast Cycles is at the end of Charles Place, which is right by the coffee shop Little Skips, in the Bushwick neighborhood. Get to the intersection of Willoughby and Myrtle and you'll see Norbert's Pizza on the left and Little Skips on the right- that's Charles Place. At the end of that little half street, there's a garage with a chicken riding a bike- the door is to the right.


Whoa! Recently, I was invited to have a two month long solo retrospective show at Booklyn this upcoming April+May, which is the most exciting thing that I'm working on these days. Several editions of artist's books will be coming out in correlation with the show and it's been a real blast from the past going through all my stuff, deciding how this is all going to shape up.

If you have any of my work, I'm hoping to start collecting photos of these objects, particularly in the context of where it's hanging or stored (if it is up on your wall, in a drawer, etc). I'd like to turn these photos into something for the show/books, as well as finally have some better documentation of pieces that I've made, but may have forgotten. This includes everything from patches, fliers, drawings, zines, posters, paintings, sewn objects, stenciled works- whatever you have. You can email them to
carolinepaquita(at) and whatever format will work, but a 150-300 dpi jpeg would be the bees knees.

More information on this show, as well as the flurry of publications that will be done in time for it, in the coming months. There is soooo much work ahead, but I'm loving it!

Hope that everyone has a great time finishing up 2013 and as always, I'm super appreciative of all the continual support. At fourteen completed projects in the past two years, I'm feeling really good about the work I'm doing and releasing. I most definitely have to extend big hugs and thanks to all of you who have kept me at it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love,
Caroline Paquita

P.S. Long time friend
Mike Taylor is also having a show at Booklyn and I believe that his opening is on January 18th. Definitely make a point check it out!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy Brooklyn

This weekend is jam packed with events, two of which I'm showing/tabling at. Listed below are the details:

Saturday, November 9th

11 AM to 7 PM - Free
Mt. Carmel Church
275 N 8th St
Brooklyn, NY
(Entrance on Havemeyer)

 Pegacorn Press will be tabling with old time favorite Mike Taylor- stop by!!!!

For more details on all the events surrounding CAB (which there are many), check out: 

Also, on Saturday night: I have a piece in this great show at Wayfarers. If you stop by, look for PASADENA, which was the word I was assigned. Can't wait to see it all together:

November 9th – December 1st, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9th, 6 - 10 pm
Wayfarers: 1109 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
(Near the corner of Broadway and Dekalb, closest train JMZ)
Wayfarers set out to design an inventive project that could incorporate the range of skills and approaches an open call for entries would generate, as well as acknowledge the fact that we were going to demand money (which would be necessary to cover our administrative costs, but still made us uncomfortable). We developed the idea for Ransom - a group show that was open to absolutely anyone who paid the ten bucks for the submission fee. We spread the word about the show and 275 artists from all over the world committed to participate. Based on that number, we wrote a True Story with *275 words, and assigned one word to each of the artists. They were to make their words out of virtually any material and then send them to us so that we could arrange them on the walls of the gallery to spell out the True Story in the style of a giant, three-dimensional ransom note.
*A real life fact changed in the True Story, so we added a footnote, and recruited more word-makers. Then another fact changed (real life is slippery), and we recruited more word-makers for that footnote. The current word count for Ransom is 329 and holding. The story, as of this writing, is still true...

The 2014 Paquita Calendar is in the works and for people who are interested, you can pre-order it via my Etsy store. All orders will be sent out by December 15th! 

Other news? Well... there is actually HUGE, MEGA GIGANTIC news, but I'm still sorting out the details and can't spill the beans yet. Basically it involves a retrospective solo art show, amongst other opportunities, so obviously I'm extremely excited/busy these days. 

More soon,

Friday, September 13, 2013

Booklyn art opening!

Inline image 1 

I'm pleased to announce that I'm showing a bunch of new papier mâché sculptures in an amazing group show at Booklyn. The show is up until the end of October, so stop by if you find yourself in the neighborhood of Greenpoint. 

Also, there's an open call to send in work to be included in a feminist art zine, which will be released at the closing of the show. You can find more information HERE

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Infinite Corpse + CAKE

CORPSEY, everyone's favorite corpse!

The Infinite Corpse comic is finally online! I was happy to contribute to this amazing project that the Trubble Club (Chicago's finest) organized and put together- the amount of time and energy put into this by them and all the artists is NUTS. Check it out and expect to spend some time with it!

Poster by good pal, Jo Dery!
 Myself/Pegacorn Press will be tabling CAKE on June 15th and 16th in Chicago, land of the lovely comic freakers. There's some new publications that I'll have, including titles from Leipzig, Germany's Anna Haifisch, longtime friend Mike Taylor and a new artist book that I've been working on. When I get back from Chicago, everything will be available online. 

AND! I'm was honored to be ask to moderate a panel during CAKE, with an all star line up, which includes Phoebe Gloeckner!!! Details of what the panel is all about is listed below. If you're in Chicago, definitely make a point to check out CAKE and stop by my table...

 Sunday, June 16th
3:30 – 4:30pm
Intimate Anxiety
with Phoebe Gloeckner, Julia Gfrörer, and Heather Benjamin
Moderated by Caroline Paquita
Sponsored by Comix Revolution

Beyond the shock tactics of portraying “inappropriate” subject matter in comics, we find the medium is exquisitely suited for grappling with explicit content, unchained from the trappings of taboo. Intimate Anxiety focuses on three artists’ ferocious visions of sex and death, made all the more visceral through gorgeous and painstaking details. Special Guest Phoebe Gloeckner sets the standard for work that probes these realms. From her experimental memoir, Diary of a Teenage Girl, to her iconic illustrations for RE/Search to her current work dealing with the ongoing femicide in Cuidad, Juárez, Gloeckner continues to confront difficult realities with groundbreaking graphic integrity. Julia Gfrörer’s art vibrates off of the page while crafting oblique erotic worlds laced with terror. Through sparse text and a perfect sense of visual timing, Gfrörer’s comics, such as Too Dark to See, Flesh and Bone and Black Is the Color bring language to the unspeakable. Joining them will be Special Guest Heather Benjamin, whose obsessively rendered drawings aim straight for the jugular vein. Author of the cult art zine Sad Sex and contributor to the prolific output of Collective Stench, Benjamin’s art delves headfirst into complicated scenarios that are emotionally fraught and sexually feral. Moderated by Caroline Paquita, author of Womanimalistic and founder of Pegacorn Press, Intimate Anxiety is a conversation about the power and truth that lies within impropriety.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brooklyn Zine Fest and Brain Frame performance

Whoa! This is going to be a wild and great weekend! 

I'll be tabling my birthday this Sunday at the Brooklyn Zine Fest and then performing afterwards for BRAIN FRAME. "Sparkle Puss, the Vajazzling Cat," will be making a real life debut and will be giving DIY directions on how to vajazzle on the cheap. Not to be missed! 

I'll let these great fliers dish out all the relevant information... 

Inline image 2

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

KBG Bar- Easter Sunday Comix Reading

C.P. with scary looking Easter Bunny

WUZ UP! Spring is finally here!
 Newest news is that I'll be reading at the:
 March 31, 2013
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
KGB Bar 
85 East 4th ST, NYC
With Sam Henderson, Gretta Johnson, Jesse Reklaw, Karl Stevens and Lauren Weinstein... 
Hosted by Robyn Chapman  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Biscayne Bay adventures in December.
2012 is over! What an insane year of everything completely devastating, wonderful and everything in between. A true test of strength and resilience, the formal calendar year is over and another one starts anew. It's time to powerhouse in 2013 and I'm more than ready for this upcoming year, which seems to be quite full of opportunity and adventure.

It's high time to admit though, that I'm a terrible blogger- seriously. No real shame about this, but I don't post frequently enough and things get really backlogged... which then makes is difficult to sit down and write about everything at once. I've been meaning to post the following things for awhile now, but I was sucked into Miami Art Basel world and then trapped working in a couple museums this month (installing some pretty great exhibits, if I can say so myself). In all this cash money work, there's not much time right now to be that involved in any personal art projects per se, but at least there is a new band that I've started with some amazing folks. Currently, these new practices (and the music recorded during them), are ruling my universe. I'm not the kind of person who listens to music on the train, but I've taken to rocking these recordings, working the parts out in my head. So exhilarated for this band- it's particularly nice to come back to music refreshed, ready to make the kind of music that I've been wanting to make for years now. If you like The Ex or Dog Faced Hermans (two inspirations shared by the band), then this might be more up your alley, for sure....


MOVING ON TO THE LIST! From newest to oldest news...

I'll be reading (or doing some kind of projected presentation) on March 12th at Bluestockings (here in NYC) with Nicole Georges and Cassie J. Sneider. Nicole and Cassie are touring in support of Nicole's new graphic novel/ memoir Calling Dr. Laura, which I'm excited to check out. Pretty sure that it starts at 7pm and I'm guessing that I'm first (but you don't want to miss any of it) , so try to make it on time if you can.


"This book is just so raw, it's right..." 

Awesome little interweb video with a spot on description of Those Fucking Unicorns, by Sy Wagon, which is the latest Pegacorn Press release. Last Gasp is my main distributor for Pegacorn Press and that's cause they rule!

Love the censor dots on this...


I was invited to read at this awesome event at the University of Chicago, but unfortunately, I can't make it. Being a fan of special collection libraries though, I would if I could:

My Life is an Open Book: D.I.Y. Autobiography, is an exhibit celebrating zines, primarily autobiographical works produced by women representing the 1990s to the present day. Future Tense, one of the first official Pegacorn Press publications is being exhibited, which is really rad!!

February 22, 2012
Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637.
Reception begins at 5:30pm. Readings begin at 6:30pm.


I did an interview about a year ago with Melanie Maddison, a UK based feminist extraordinaire, for Pikaland, which is an international art and illustration blog. Since then, Melanie has interviewed more badass ladies and compiled it into Colouring Outside the Lines, #6. A really thick zine, besides myself, it features a laundry list of great interviews with such ladies as: Lauren Denitzio, Fly, Megan Kelso, Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring, Allyson Mitchell, Summer Pierre, Lindsay Starbuck, and Anke Weckmann. 
It's an amazing zine and I highly recommended getting a copy while you can, particularly if you're looking to hear more about personal processes, the inspiration fueling all the artwork and what makes all these ladies "tick."


One huge project that I've been negligent to post about is the 2013 calendar that I designed for the Sylvia Rivera Law Project here in NYC. They're a completely amazing organization that help low income and people of color who are trans/intersex/gender non-conforming get access to services they need. They do so much important and necessary work that it would be impossible to list it all, but another really important aspect of the SRLP is that they help people who are incarcerated. The calendar was designed mainly using art made by imprisoned PAC (Prison Advisory Committee) members and it was a pleasure to spend time with these works and format them into a collection that's more accessible to the larger public. (Some of the collages I created were comprised of art made by PAC members who are in the same prison, but who are separately locked up in solitary confinement and have never had the chance to meet face to face.) 
Unfortunately, I didn't print the project and the offset printer we ended up using was "highly problematic," but that didn't ruin the spirit of the larger picture and all the incredible work that the SRLP does. If you'd like to order a calendar or have some money that you'd like to donate to the SRLP, you can do it here: 

Isn't that enough for now?
There's definitely a laundry list of other projects and news in the works and I hope to post them soon, when things are more confirmed...
Until then, HAPPY 2013!