Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Calendar and more available!

Hot off the press- I've got some new items in my etsy story, including the 2010 calendar that I just completed! Boosh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New band blog

Myspace mysteriously erased our account, but there's a new blog up where shows and other information will be posted:

Friday, September 4, 2009

New print!

My new printing machine is now up and running, which is truly exciting news for me. This first print is a little dedication to ROGUSZYS, the Lithuanian god of pickled food. Being someone who loves to ferment and pickle, it only made sense to make a little something to show my love towards this guardian spirit. If you have no idea of why fermented foods are the super jam, then you should check out the site of Sandor Katz. Truly good stuff.
All that aside, I'm designing and printing a 2010 calender, which will hopefully be done by early November. I'll post more information as I figure it all out. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday harvesting

What else it there to say? I love the days when I can get out in the wilds to harvest my favorite plants. I've been hoping to find a bunch of Dandelion blossoms to make an aperitif and luckily found not only a good batch, but also stumbled across a gigantic area full of Violets in full bloom. The Nettles are growing like crazy and looking beautiful in their springtime glory- got a few stings in for fun and also by accident.
Was able to identify some new flowers today: Dwarf Cinquefoil for sure, and possibly Wild Indigo? Not definite at all on that one. With all the flowers emerging, sometimes it's hard to figure it all out without getting sucked into looking in field guides the whole time. They're useful and I'd be the first to recommend having a few around for reference, but sometimes you just want to be out and enjoying your time with your plant friends.

Backwards and weird looking photo of the Dandelion and Violet Aperitifs.

Cooking up a Nettle quesadilla!

Nettle tops to dry for tea.

Friday, May 8, 2009

If you feed them, they will come!

Last year I got all excited about feeding birds and started making these super janky feeders out of old milk jugs. I had a couple hung around our house, but no birds would eat from them and a jerky squirrel even managed to rip one down. (Probably the same one that I catch in the trash all the time and who also snapped off all my sunflower heads right in front of me. It's an old, hardened beast whom I have a love/hate relationship with.)
Anyway, I was quite disheartened and gave up on the idea until this Spring when I managed to see a little bird eating the old seed left from last year! I scrambled to refill the feeder and now all the feathery friends are snacking on yummy sunflower seeds. Success! Since the feeder is conveniently located where cats can't pull a sneak attack, it seems like a safe place for avian dining.
I've heard that once you put a feeder in a spot, the birds will come back year after year, on their migration path. This is good to know for your first year when you might not find much feeder traffic. Depending where you live and what type of birds come through, it might be good to experiment with different seed to see what kinds of birds you attract. So far, I've been getting chickadees, which is nice because it reminds me of my sweet Granny who passed away last year. She had a special fondness for them and would talk to them as they fed outside her kitchen window every day. I can almost hear her voice as they chirp, chirp, chirp outside my house all day.

Monday, April 6, 2009


The opening in Bloomington was totally amazing and thanks to everyone there for making Kasey and I feel so at home. Daun and Al hooked it up with some delicious treats and Vera Maleta (Daun) really belted out the tunes.
Ryan Woods, from Sweet Hickory, is a true gem and if you ever end up in Bloomington, make sure to check out and support the store/gallery.
P.S. If you're interested, the new work is posted on my website ( and the videos shown at the opening are posted on youtube (

Saturday, March 14, 2009

**Bloomington, Indiana!**

I finally got our show poster done and we're both hard at work getting ready to head over to Bloomington in a couple weeks. Daun, who writes the food blog: will be making some sweet-savory snacks for the event and will also be performing musically as Vera Maleta. If you're in the area you should come by!

Here's what the tiny font on the poster says:

A collaborative installation featuring drawing, silkscreen, painting, sewing and video- with a focus on the absurd and ridiculous nature of our everyday lives. Craziness from Rhode Island and Ohio. Music will be provided by the lovely Vera Maleta.
*Sweet Hickory*
Open daily from 12-7pm. The show will be up until April 28th.
317 e 3rd St

Friday, March 13, 2009

Un-declared money for you

I get a lot of spam mail- usually about how to make my "rod bigger" or that I've won the lottery somewhere in Africa. Recently, I've started to get them all in Chinese characters, but of course I can't understand what they mean- maybe that I've won a prize over there too?
I got this one tonight and it takes the proverbial cake for the "most ridiculous electronic bullshit that I've ever received."

I hope my e-mail find you well. I need your assistance. My name is Sgt Joey Jones, I am an American soldier with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in IRAQ for the United States,we have $25,000,000.00, that is in our Possession and we are ready to move it out of the country.
The Money is part of the one we seized from late Saddam Hussein, but was not declared. My colleague and I need a good partner someone we can trust to actualize this Venture,but we are moving it through Diplomatic way to your house directly. Your share is 40% while 60% is for me and my colleague.
Sgt Joey Jones.

I'll definitely take 40% of $25,000,000. Times are rough and my foodstamps are about to get cut at the end of the month. I'd even be willing to split it three ways with the two other guys, just to make it all fair.
Please give it to me all in two dollar bills, though.
Thanks dudes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Despite the cold and slowness of winter, there's been a lot going on, or at least in the works. The biggest thing is that I finally got it together and applied to graduate school in New York. Regardless of whether or not I get in, I'm moving there May 1st- so any leads on decent jobs or relatively cheap, non-moldy rooms would be appreciated, since I'm on the lookout for both. The feeling is that it's about time to finally move again and also to the "BIG CITY." The idea of living there has been around for over a decade and I'm just now thinking that I'd be able to pull it off. I wonder if all this economic turmoil is going to help or hinder me since I already live like such a scrub. It's hard to say what the hell is going to happen to me, let alone the rest of the world at this point! Shit!
That being said, and to go ahead and throw it out there: I'd like to meet other folks who know of safe places to harvest medicinal/edible plants from, in or outside the greater NYC area. There's plenty of places to buy herbs/food from, but it's just not the same as finding your own, you know? Half the fun is being outside and seeing where it all comes from. Living in Rhode Island and being able to easily get into the woods and out of the city, has really spoiled me. Keep me posted if you know any herbalists (or just plain old urban freaks) that would be into me accompanying them on gathering adventures. Fermented food enthusiasts are also encouraged to get in touch, particularly if you have extra koji or kefir grains.
A total longshot, but.... if you happen to be an experienced beekeeper in the NYC area with an active beehive, and want to train me as your apprentice- please, please, please, email immediately!
Before moving away, I'm gearing up to do a collaborative installation with my amazingly wonderful friend, Kasey Henneman. In late March, we'll be heading to Bloomington, Indiana to set it up at the DIY gallery/record store SWEET HICKORY. It's called RIDICULOUSITIES and I think that the work is going to be some of our best yet.
There should be some new work posted on the website soon, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, stay warm and healthy- Spring is almost here!