Pegacorn Press titles 2014-2016

Bar Dykes
Merril Mushroom, Faythe Levine, and Caroline Paquita

In the 1980s, Merril Mushroom wrote Bar Dykes, a one act play about 1950s dyke bar culture. In 2016, editors Faythe Levine and Caroline Paquita, collaborated with Merril to properly publish the play, accompanied by related ephemera, and a current interview with her concerning her unique and radical life as a "back to the land," womonwriter.

 8.5" X 6 7/8", 32 pages, saddle stitched
Five color Risograph printed (teal, florescent pink, raisin, federal blue, gold) 

September 2016, first edition printing of 300
Debuted at the New York Art Book Fair

Dean Sameshima

ENCOUNTERS is a collection of photographs taken by Dean Sameshima between 1993-2001 throughout Los Angeles, California, at varying "tearooms". Tearooms are public spaces, mainly public restrooms, where men meet for anonymous sex. Sameshima began a documentary photography series titled WONDERLAND in 1993 while an undergrad at CalArts. At this time he felt an urgency to start documenting public sex spaces in Los Angeles as a way of recording an important part of his history and Los Angeles gay history. These tearoom drawings were especially interesting to him because they were the most temporary form of communication and many were painted over/erased by his subsequent visits. While working on this project, many of the tearooms were being policed, raided and eventually shut down.


5 3/8" X 8.5", 28 pages, saddle stitched
Two color Risograph printed (gold + federal blue)
September 2016, first edition printing of 250
Debuted at the New York Art Book Fair

Lost Love//Love Lost
Caroline Paquita

Lost Love//Love Lost is an experimental prose + photo book by Caroline Paquita, written about Evan Sabourin, a friend who passed away this year. The beginning in a series about loss of loved ones—friends, parents, lovers, acquaintances—this first book is an homage to him and a means to process grief through art making.

5" X 8", 16 pages, saddle stiched
Risograph printed multiple colors
August 2016, edition of 100
Printed in Toronto, in collaboration with Colour Code—debuted at Zine Dream in Toronto, Ontario.

-Mike Taylor-

A new comic mini—the story of two teenage girls and freedom and the law...

7 1/4" X 5 3/8", 12 pages, saddle stitched
Risograph printed (cover: florescent pink, and flat gold, interior: teal)
May 2016, edition of 150

 Let Go, Let Gaia: by Caroline Paquita
Let Go, Let Gaia

Let Go, Let Gaia is a visual exploration into technology and how it can affect our "energy." With text from such books as Be Here Now and Psychic Protection, the publication ruminates on different ways that certain day to day technologies that we use (phone + computer), deplete our energy and how people have been concerned about this for some time now.

6.5" X 4.25", 16 pages, French Fold, saddle stitched, with gaff tape binding. Four color Risograph printed with teal, fluorescent pink, gold, and black ink. 
Debuted at the NY Art Book Fair in September 2015
Edition of 100  

Late Era Clash #27, by Mike Taylor Late Era Clash #27
-Mike Taylor-

Late Era Clash #27 began as a real-time studio visit with Mike Taylor, its creator. Throughout July and August, he wrote and drew a detailed description of his process and motivation for zine making. However, with the unexpected death of a friend, the text takes a turn inward in the last few pages, altering the entire tone of the work as a whole,
becoming a meditation on why any of us make art in the first place. Funny and heartbreaking in turns.

Debuted at the New York Art Book Fair 
 8.5" X 6.75", 24 pages, saddle stitched
Three color Risograph printed (teal, florescent pink, and black). Edition of 300 


If you aren't familiar with Cold Meat's Instagram account—which is chock full of some of the best vintage erotica—then it's quite possible that you're missing out. Having been kicked off Instagram several times, Cold Meat is back and in celebration, we collaborated on this excellent publication of some highlights from the BDSM portion of their collection. Get it while you can, as the edition is almost sold out!

From the introduction:
These works were compiled to highlight some of the best examples of BDSM fetish art, from the collection of Cold Meat, a print connoisseur based in San Francisco, California. Ranging roughly from 1900-1970, a majority of these images were originally published in underground fetish digests, flagellation novels, chapbooks, and illicit magazines of the time.

In an era of technological ease, where one can quickly search images on the internet, the desire exists to bring some of these classics back into the physical realm, after a period of
inaccessibility. Deteriorating rapidly, the few surviving copies of these original publications are confined to personal collections, leaving the internet as one of the only ways to view this particular era of BDSM fetish art. This publication was created to pull these images out of the darkness of musty drawers, storage boxes, and clandestine internet wormholes. To bring them back into the tangible world of pain and pleasure...

Debuted at the New York Art Book Fair, September 2015
8.5" X ~5.5", 40 pages, saddle stitched 
Three color Risograph printed (black, gold + burgundy), two editions of 250 

Lesbian Lexicon 
-Editor In Chief: Stevie Anntonym- 

The Lesbian Lexicon documents words invented to describe previously unnamed queer phenomenon, words already used in popular queer vernacular, and a few gay words of antiquity. After years of gently prodding Stevie Anntonym (the editor and genius behind this project), the Lesbian Lexicon has been revamped for a third edition, with many new hilarious additions from contributors all over the U.S.

4.25” X 6.5”, 40 pages, saddle stitched
Risograph printed with fluorescent pink, teal, and gold ink.
June 2015, edition of 1,000 

-Caroline Paquita- 

PRIMORDIAL COOCH is an exploration of anasyrma, which is the gesture of showing one's genitals in order to bring about laughter, fear, and/or to let go of sadness. A somewhat complicated term, it differs greatly from other exhibitionist behavior such as flashing. Not done with the
purpose of sexual arousal, it's only for the effect on the onlookers. It's connected often with ancient rituals, magic, eroticism, and all around bawdy humor between women. If you want to learn more about anasyrma, read about the Greek mythological character, Baubo. Talk about inspiration for the womanimals! 

A visual exploration and homage to women, PRIMORDIAL COOCH combines imagery of ancient sculptures, vintage photography, text, and Paquita's drawings. Vaginal references and lewd humor are the backbone to this compact publication. A great addition to any personal collection of handmade publications, or as a gift to your favorite feminist!

28 pages + cover, 3.75" X 6", saddle stitched with rounded corners.
Risograph printed using florescent pink, blue and gold ink.
Hand-numbered edition of 100 + comes with a titled band around the publication.
Debuted at the LA Art Book Fair in January 2015.            

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen by Mike Taylor

Debuting this new publication at the LA Art Book Fair (only days after it was printed), the response was pretty entertaining. Initially, everyone thought it was a bootleg, or "Cliff Notes," of Jonathan Franzen's, "The Corrections," which is hilarious idea in itself. The audacity of someone bringing that to the LAABF! Oh... wait..... what exactly is this?!
After establishing that it's an exploration of the book more than a decade after it's release, that's when it became obvious who are fans of Franzen's work and who aren't. Who knew that there was so much emotion surrounding this Oprah's book-club pick!? Complicated territory for someone who hasn't actually read it yet, but after reading this new Pegacorn Press publication, maybe I can take Mike's word on it? There was quite a lot of head nodding and chuckling as both sides of the Franzen camp perused this publication—almost everyone who picked it up, ended up buying it. (Just saying!) Mike definitely has always had a way with words and his accompanying illustrations help make this a unique publication. Only 150 were made, so grab one while you can.

From Mike: An analysis of a reader's position within the text and context of a, some say, generation defining novel. Not mean spirited at all, promise.

8.5" X 5.5", 20 pages, saddle stitched.
Risograph printed with brown and blue ink on white stock.
Hand-numbered edition of 150.
Debuted at the LA Art Book Fair in January 2015.            

2015 Paquita Calendar

This sixth annual wall calendar features twelve unique drawings, all drawn by Caroline Paquita. Risograph printed with burgundy, blue and flourescent pink ink on heavier light gray colored paper. They're legal sized (8.5" x 14") folded in half, stapled, rounded corners and complete with a small hanging hole. Edition of 300   

The Golden Age Of Souvenirs 
-John Orth-
From the interior of this amazingly beautiful new Pegacorn release: The Golden Age Of Souvenirs," is a companion publication to the installation of the same name, exhibited by John Orth at Wayfarers (Brooklyn, NY) in the summer of 2014. The exhibition is the culmination of a residency in which Orth explored the idea that the objects that we collect reflect and sometimes inform our emotional lives. Four clay figurines depicting the servant class of British Colonial India and a peacock comprised of pipe cleaners, were the inspiration for this body of work. These objects occupied a shelf besides Orth's bed over the past several years. "The Golden Age Of Souvenirs," expands the narratives of these characters, all the while wringing from them the emotions they have absorbed as unwitting observers of his life. 
This book is pure art- beautiful, thought provoking and poetic. It was such a joy to see John make all this work over the summer and then to finally pull together the drawings and inspirations into this publication. A definite must have for any serious art collecting, Risograph/silk-screen/handmade artist book fan.

20 pages + cover, 8.5" X 7", saddle stitched with rounded corners.
Risograph printed using blue and burgundy ink on grey, tan and natural colored paper. Grey cover with three color (orange, white and gold), screen-printed by John, inner cover printed with brown Riso ink.
Edition of 200.


This is the second book (of three) in a poetically wild, comic based series by Lale Westvind. I'm loving the way that Lale is working these books through three distinct levels of consciousness- higher, middle and lower zones of murky, half panic, half cathartic situations. Total comic voyeurism at it's best! All graphite drawings, printed in Riso wonderfulness!

Risograph printed using blue and brown ink on gold and blue paper, two color (blue and red) screenprinted by Lale cover on ivory cover stock.
24 pages + cover, 8.5" x 7", saddle stitched
July 2014, edition of 300   

Late Era Clash #26
-Mike Taylor-

20 year anniversary issue! This issue encompasses a single story- which is kind of three stories- all of which interweave back and forth into a dark and seedy tale of....well.... you're just gonna have to see for yourself. If you're already a fan of Mike and his art then you will definitely not be disappointed in the least, as this is one of his finest yet!

32 pages, 8.5" X 5.5", saddle stitched
Riso printed in black, 3 color screen-printed covers on heavy stock (printed by Mike).
May 2014, edition of 300

Down By The Bay
-Aimee Lusty-

I originally became infatuated with Aimee Lusty's work through her incredible acrylic painting series of abstract boobs and plants. An amazing painter, I had no idea that she was so skilled with graphite as well! 
For this release, Aimee scoured eBay, looking for all sorts of things that probably should be included in museum collections, but have somehow ended up being up for sale on this mega internet wormhole. These beautifully rendered graphite drawings inspired by artifacts, occult objects, art, and antiques are a definite addition to any personal zine collection.8.5" X 7", 32 pages, saddle-stitched 
Risograph printed with brown and black ink on ivory paper  
June 2014, edition of 300.

The Time Is Now
-Caroline Paquita-

After making the Paquita calendar for five years, it made sense to compile these sixty drawings into one collection. It's a thick little beast of a book, filled with seasonal delights!

56 pages, 8.5" X 6.75", rounded corners, stapled and bound with gaff tape. 
Risograph printed in black, blue, with fluorescent pink accents. 
June 2014, edition of 150 

-Caroline Paquita-

Released at the opening of my solo show at Booklyn Artists Alliance, here in Brooklyn, NY. The gallery aspect of this show is a small survey of about thirteen years of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures and zines. This exhibition publication is some of the pieces featured, process photos and some new drawings that I'm super excited about!

Here's the run down of what the solo show was all about: GARDEN OF THE WOMANIMAL explores a recurring theme throughout the recent years of Caroline’s work, depicted in a wide variety of media, a cult of “womanimals” half-women/half-wild animals are illustrated in landscapes of playful sexual scenarios, mystical adventures, and explorations of nature and the body. The womanimals’ corrupt playfulness and exuberance are contrasted by the meticulously clean line work of Paquita’s drawings and paintings. Newer works are surrounded by thirteen years of imagery demonstrating the evolution towards this theme and its stylized representation.
8.5" x 7", 32 pages, saddle-stitched, with rounded corners 
Risograph (various colors)
April 2014, edition of 300 


Al Burian is back with a new collection of comic strips! CRYPTOZOOLOGY is a short, but sweet comic zine, culled from scraps of paper and from the margins of Al's notebooks. Birds, cavemen, wild creatures of deep space and more absurdities follow in this mini!

4.25" X 5.5", 22 pages + cover.
Risograph printed using brown ink on cream paper, with florescent pink spot color on cover
Edition of 250    


Pegacorn Press is pleased to announce Now and Here, a new publication by the amazing Lale Westvind! Lale is the brains behind Chromazoid and Hot Dog Beach (to name a few) and is an up and coming voice in the world of female, total-art-freakers who make comic based work. She also is an excellent animator, painter and loves to cruise around on her motorcycle!

Lale's description of Now and Here:
An epic poem of imagined quantum physics.
An original creation myth of the passing second.This is a war for the Moment, commune on multiple planes with the Watchers, She who walks into the Sun, Debra the Destroyer, Barbara bare with beer and the temple ceiling ghosts.This book contains pictographs detailing the movements of the Battle Against Selves! Curious? It's very good.

8.5" x 7", 16 pages + cover.
Risograph printed using blue ink on pink paper, ivory coverEdition of 300