Pegacorn Press titles 2010-2013

Paquita 2014 Calendar 

Fifth year anniversary! Includes lunar cycle, compatible crystals for your birth month and suggested herbs to research each month. Featuring drawings of your favorite magical, feminine, queer and sex positive Womanimals.

Risograph printed using florescent pink, burgundy and blue ink, 7 x 8 1/2 inches folded, rounded corners and complete with a hanging hole. 1st edition of 300.


WOMANIMALISTIC #3: Phoenix burning, Phoenix rising 
-Caroline Paquita-

A bit more of a metaphysical adventure than previous issues, W#3 is a collection of images made in the past several years as I've struggled with much personal loss. Drawing as therapy? Perhaps!
From the last page in the publication, which might sum up everything best: Drawings from sketchbooks kept from 2011-2013, as well as material from two performances, "Punk Medical Myths," and "D.I.Y. Vajazzling with Sparkle Puss, the vajazzling cat." Inspired by traveling in 10 countries, retiring from a longterm project, losing my incredibly amazing Pops (R.I.P.), the ensuing sadness/madness, mysticism, crystal woo-woo and all around meditation...

Review from Quimby's in Chicago:
Paquita puts the Womanimal instincts into action - lucid ideas of vaginal decor and folk medicine....with friends like these, who needs remedies?

Riso printed with burgundy, pink/red and blue ink, saddle stiched, rounded corners, 
24 pages of content. 1st edition of 300 in June 2013, 2nd edition of 300 in January 2014. 

Shelter Raiders
-Anna Haifisch-

When I first met Anna in Leipzig, Germany, she gave me a collection of Risograph printed comics that she had put out. I spent the next day in the van, reading through them, laughing out loud and wanting more. Cats drinking Four Loko? Come on! Who doesn't want to read comics that have wasted cats, who hang around, puking everywhere and having fun? Barf?! Awesome!
So, when I began Pegacorn Press that fall, Anna was easily and most definitely on the list of people that I wanted to publish and her work was included Future Tense (Pegacorn's first official release). People were totally stoked with her comic and I heard many compliments about her piece specifically. She's a prolific artist and has been cranking it out since, so much so that I can't even start to list it here, so please visit her site: This is a great little mini to get your hands on if you're unfamiliar with her work and want to check out something new! 
(From the back of the mini) This book is part of the Buddies series starring Mr. Cat Buddy, Mr. Dog Buddy and several Peanut People who always suck.About this book: Cat Buddy spots his Dad on the TV show SHELTER RAIDERS and finally meet his Pa. They regurgitate Cat Buddy's sad past and the reader finally gets to know Cat Buddy's real name.

Review from Edie Fake, for Quimby's in Chicago: 
Anna Haifisch is awesome and pretty much makes the best comics. This latest installment to The Buddies series is downright tragic as Cat Buddy tries to connect with Dad in the Shelter. Dirty and bombed, slop to the stop.

Drawn in Leipzig, Germany. Printed in Brooklyn, NY. 

1st edition of 300 in May 2013. 
9 pages of content, quarter sized (4.25"X5.5"), brown ink on yellow paper, saddle stitched. 
Edition of 300.       

Late Era Clash #25
-Mike Taylor-

Do you appreciate art? Have you ever had a job in the arts? Have you ever been witness to how gross the whole art market/art world can be? If so, Mike Taylor's satirical issue of Late Era Clash will resonate with those who are familiar with this phenomena, as well as enlighten those who have luckily somehow escaped all this wildness. It's a hard one to describe more thoroughly (and I don't want to spoil any of it), so you'll just have to get it to see for yourself!

A bold work by a longtime favorite artist, Mike also spent long hours helping out during the printing and production of this issue with Pegacorn Press. Undoubtedly, #25 will go as quickly as the last issue, so get it while you can.... it's seriously one of his best publications yet!

Pegacorn Press loves the Quimby's (one of Chicago's finest bookstores) descriptions of each publication released. Here's another good one from Edie Fake:
Supermarket sabotage and Taylor's brutal takedown of the cabalistic machinations of  the art industrial complex. This issue of Late Era Clash outdoes itself - employing its lovely ratty line to maximum beauty, hilarity and fright - absolutely excellent!         

Risograph printed with black, blue and fluorescent pink ink, saddle stitched.
7 X 8.5 inches, 36 pages
Edition of 500

-Erick Lyle and Caroline Paquita-

In 2005 and again in 2008, Erick Lyle and I collaborated and released two issues of Zine Libs. Long out of print, Zine Libs are the result of cross pollinating Mad Libs with stories coming from DIY punk rockers, creating hilarious tales that for some folks, might stir up feelings of deja vu. While technically fictional, the stories are informed by a cornucopia of experiences we had both had (or had heard of), through our "unconventional lifestyles."

A definite must have if you've ever spent time in a collective home, lived with 15 people + 8 pets, have dealt with 6 long term "house-guests," been involved in protests, eaten food out of the trash, squatted, blacked-out, hopped trains, hitch-hiked- or at least have been around these types of activities. This new release is both of the issues together as one, which means that it's forty pages of hilarity! (Grammar guide included in the back for reference.)

40 pages, saddle stitched with gaff tape binding
Risograph printed with blue, black, raisin and fluorescent pink ink
Edition of 300

2013 Paquita Calendar
We have (barely) survived 2012... It's time for 2013 and to get organized, with a new Paquita Calendar! Hot off Pegacorn Press, this 2013 calendar features twelve drawings of womanimals, tasking and lounging about. An homage to the spirit of badass women present, past and other-worldy!
Printed using a stencil duplicator (Risograph), the calendar has "raisin" colored ink on  heavier light gray colored paper. They're legal sized (8.5" x 14") folded in half, stapled, rounded corners and complete with a small hanging hole. On the last two pages, there's a 2014 calendar grid for reference, as well as what I call the "Woo-Woo" chart that lets you know your astrological sign, which crystals are most compatible with your birth month and a recommended herb to learn each month.       

-Sy Wagon-

"Unicorn erotica" at it's best, this is an illustrated exploration into the sex lives of some extremely horny mythical beasts. Male on male unicorn fun, this publication is "X-rated" and only for adults, particularly queer and sex friendly ones.

"...a utopian vision of uncensored horny behavior." Johnny Ray Huston- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"This book is just so raw, it's right..." John Longhi, Last Gasp Books

Originally self-published by Sy Wagon in 2004, this San Francisco classic mini has been re-released by Pegacorn Press in the Fall of 2012. 16 pages, two full centerfolds, inner drawings printed with blue and raisin colored ink, two color covers (cover colors vary), quarter sized (4.25 X 5.5 inches). 

-Brontez Purnell-

Brontez is back with this new split zine- with himself! Fresh off tour with Sister Spit, he blew minds across the nation with his awesome styles, calling it as he sees it, making you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

One side, Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger? is new fiction and the flipside, Join the Professionals, is all interviews with such badasses as: Daniel Nicoletta, Kenyon Farrow, Michelle Tea, Javier Perez, Josh Cheon, Suppositori “Spaz” Spelling, Robert Yang AKA “Robot Hustle,” Justin Torres, Chris Owens, Tobi Vail, Juan Velasquez, and Stevie Shakes.

"Fag School" is in session and I suggest you try to handle the full course load. This zine is fucking brilliant and amazing - always has been, and I think it might always will be.

-Edie Fake

52 pages, 7" x 8.5" 

Risograph printed (blue and fluorescent pink ink), saddle stitched
Edition of 1,000

Burn Collector #16
-Al Burian-

Burn Collector #16 (April 2012) is sub-titled “Music and Mania,” and examines the intersection between creativity and losing your marbles. Street musicians, arena rock, classical vs. computers, Little Richard vs. Elvis, and a wide variety of other topics are discussed as Burian contends that “the modern musician is essentially a maniac, living on a delusional dream, whose basic project– putting forth a unique voice into the general din and calamity of the oversaturated information age– has so little chance of success as to make it an act of ultimate, incredible optimism.” The zine contains comics, essays, reviews, and interviews with musician Tim Remis and radical mental health activist Sascha DuBrul.

Al Burian is the author of the long-running personal zine Burn Collector. His work has garnered praise from such legitimate institutions as the Utne Reader and McSweeneys Best Nonrequired Reading. Beginning in the mid-nineties, Burian has distributed his work through the tight-knit network of the DIY punk music/art scene. He has published  16 issues of the zine, two anthologies, and a book of comics. He has been doing reading/speaking performances since the year 2000.

40 pages , 5.5” x 8.5” Blue, fluorescent pink, and raisin colored ink Saddle stitched, with rounded corners. Edition of 1,000.

Womanimalistic #2: Coochie Party
-Caroline Paquita-

A limited edition, work in progress by Caroline Paquita, made originally while doing an artist's residency at the Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in October 2011. The first edition of 32 was made using their "people's photocopier" and had a two color screen printed cover. This third edition printing of 300 was printed on a Risograph- the inner guts are printed with blue ink, the inner cover burgundy, while the cover sports both florescent pink and blue.
The zine itself is all about ladies, "coochie," and random thoughts on oppressive male culture. Some of it is straight from the artist's sketchbook, while some of it is more intentionally drawn. If you like the ladies and can appreciate drawings of lady parts, then this zine is for you!

8.5" X 5.5", Saddle stitched, 16 pages of content, Risograph printed.

Late Era Clash #24 
-Mike Taylor-

Mike Taylor and I go waaayyyyy back- so long now that he's gone on tour with two of my bands (as the most ultimate road dawg) and we've lived in three cities at the same time- Gainesville, Providence, and now Brooklyn. We've always been friends that talk art, make art and support each others art, so when I officially began Pegacorn Press, I told him that there was an open offer to put out anything that he wanted to make. Low and behold, Late Era Clash #24 is what he passed on to me. Can I say how awesome this is? I'm not going to spoil it for you, no way- but let's just say that it's a full of the usual Mike humor, sarcasm and brutal "ridiculousity" realism that will leave you in tears (of laughter), or sometimes confused- but in the best possible way.
Risograph printed (blue), two color cardstock covers, 28 pages of content, rad centerfold...
7" X 14", folded in half, comes in a poly seven inch bag! Edition of 300

-Caroline Paquita-

Originally released in Fall of 2010, out of print for awhile and now available again.
At over 2,500 copies made so far, I was ready to retire this, but the requests have been coming in and I figured that I could pull off another 250... Not sure I'll do it again though, so get em while you can!
This first issue covers such topics as heartbreak, health, beekeeping, sexxxx and many others...A mix of blue and "raisin" ink, 32 pages, legal size folded in half.    



The first official publication put out by Pegacorn Press, Future Tense, features 11 different artists from the U.S. and Germany. The extremely broad topic of "2012" and/or "the future," was suggested as a theme that everyone was encouraged to interpret however they pleased. The result is a cornucopia of hilarity and subliminal social commentary!
Printed on a Risograph duplicator using burgundy, blue and red ink. Copies vary with green or gray cover-stock, yellow center fold. 48 pages of content, legal size, stapled and folded in half. Artists include: Edie Fake, Jo Dery, Anna Haifisch, Mike Taylor, Sy Wagon, Roby Newton, Josh Bayer, Al Burian, James Turek, Kasey Henneman + Caroline Paquita. Edition of 1,000.