Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stampede of tabling! New Publications!

2015 has been such a whirlwind already that I've forgotten to not only post about tabling the LA Art Book Fair, but also about the two new publications (PRIMORDIAL COOCH & The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen by Mike Taylor) that debuted at it! Ach! How has the time passed by so quickly!? This is a meta-post, to bring everything up to speed!
By C.Paquita
By Mike Taylor
The LAABF was a huge success and extremely inspiring—I only wish that there had been more time to dive more into everyone's tables. (Each, is truly it's own universe!) As the only person at the P.P. table, it was necessary to stay within an arms reach of it throughout the three+ days of the fair. However, since the LAABF was packed with a cornucopia of amazing artists/publishers/people-that-I-know-of-through-the-internet-but-finally-got-to-meet-in-person, I was in good company. One of the truly best parts was the general public who came out to check out the fairtons of sweet folks with great questions and also, ultra supportive of Pegacorn Press. Such a great fair experience and it didn't hurt that I was able to get a Bay Area trip in as well to see more friends! Get a much needed break from all this snow and cold and NYC winter... I'm really over winter and can't wait for WARMTH!

NEXT WEEK! March 28-29th:
I'll be at RIPE as a special guest and you can also find me moderating the panel, Social and Political Motivation in Art. Please check the expo site for the specific time and place of the talk, if you're interested in attending. Very excited!!!

April 11-12th: 
Pegacorn Press will be at MOCCA this year, along with Mike Taylor! You can find us on the third floor (table 358B), so stop by and say hello sometime during those two days. (More info will be posted closer to the event.)

April 26th: 
Pegacorn Press will be at the Brooklyn Zine Fest again, for the fourth year in a row! Hooray! The fest is split up into two days, with different exhibitors on each, so please check out the fest on the 25th as well if you'd like to get a full weekend of zines!
(More info will also be posted closer to the event.)

After much searching on Ebay, I was recently able to score a Martin Yale stack cutter, which is a humongous and much needed addition to the press. Expect more publications with full bleeds and odd sizes in the future. Working on several new projects that will hopefully be completed this summer and I seriously can't wait to use this beast and make the magic happen!