Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Solstice Pop Up Shop + Booklyn this Spring

This Saturday, December 21st, from 12pm-5pm, I'll be having a super informal "holiday shop," over at Coast Cycles, in Brooklyn, NY. If you're in the NYC area and wanting to get a 2014 Paquita Calendar (it's 5th year!!!), or any other Pegacorn Press publication, now is the time to save on shipping and be ready with some holiday gifts. There will be package deals on everything, as well as some complimentary hot beverages to sip on before you head back into the cold!

Buy 5 calendars ($10 each), get the sixth free, or if you really want to do it up, buy 10 and get 2 extras. Cash and checks work, as well as sending money via Paypal from your phone. (If you're not able to make it, you can still order through
Etsy and Storenvy, though in person, calendars are only $10, not $12+shipping AND you're welcome to haggle/barter with me in a friendly way.)

Coast Cycles is at the end of Charles Place, which is right by the coffee shop Little Skips, in the Bushwick neighborhood. Get to the intersection of Willoughby and Myrtle and you'll see Norbert's Pizza on the left and Little Skips on the right- that's Charles Place. At the end of that little half street, there's a garage with a chicken riding a bike- the door is to the right.


Whoa! Recently, I was invited to have a two month long solo retrospective show at Booklyn this upcoming April+May, which is the most exciting thing that I'm working on these days. Several editions of artist's books will be coming out in correlation with the show and it's been a real blast from the past going through all my stuff, deciding how this is all going to shape up.

If you have any of my work, I'm hoping to start collecting photos of these objects, particularly in the context of where it's hanging or stored (if it is up on your wall, in a drawer, etc). I'd like to turn these photos into something for the show/books, as well as finally have some better documentation of pieces that I've made, but may have forgotten. This includes everything from patches, fliers, drawings, zines, posters, paintings, sewn objects, stenciled works- whatever you have. You can email them to
carolinepaquita(at) and whatever format will work, but a 150-300 dpi jpeg would be the bees knees.

More information on this show, as well as the flurry of publications that will be done in time for it, in the coming months. There is soooo much work ahead, but I'm loving it!

Hope that everyone has a great time finishing up 2013 and as always, I'm super appreciative of all the continual support. At fourteen completed projects in the past two years, I'm feeling really good about the work I'm doing and releasing. I most definitely have to extend big hugs and thanks to all of you who have kept me at it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love,
Caroline Paquita

P.S. Long time friend
Mike Taylor is also having a show at Booklyn and I believe that his opening is on January 18th. Definitely make a point check it out!