Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free reading this Saturday------>>>

"What We Do Is Secret" 
Free Reading May 5th, 2012, 4-6 p.m. 
at the Essential Hues show at Wayfarer's Studio
Readers: Kat Case, Terry Clifton, Brontez Purnell, Cristy C. Road, Max Steele, Jessica Strang, Joseph Whitt
Where: Wayfarer's Studio, 1109 DeKalb @ Broadway, Brooklyn (J train to Kosciuszko or M train to Central) 

When: Saturday, May 5, 2012 4-6 p.m, SHARP. Not punk time. Get here on time, enjoy a cocktail, and don't miss any of our fabulous readers. 

Why: A collaboration with our friends, who are showing in Essential Hues, a collaborative group show featuring the work of Adee Roberson, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Caitlin Sweet, Caroline Paquita, and Sam Lopes. The exhibit includes paintings, works on paper, sculpture, textile art, video, and more. The show will be up until May 13th, 2012.

Kat Case is the English Department Coordinator and Creative Writing instructor at a public high school in Brooklyn. She lives a secret life as a trashy fiction writer on the streets of Lower East Side of Manhattan. She just returned to writing a monthly column for Maximum Rock'n'Roll magazine, resuming her role as the wildass feminist columnist after a 5-year hiatus. She is the editor of the duct-tape-bound fiction zine Snapshots which she's published sporadically over the past 10+ years. She holds an MFA in Fiction from New College of CA and an MA in Education from CUNY. She is currently trying to find time to finish a novel about a Beat woman artist who stored her dirty underwear in her unplugged freezer.

Terry Clifton is a project from the Projects, from the Ghettoest Ghetto of the Ghettos: Brownsville, Brooklyn. Neva Ran Neva Will. Led by her ancestral roots and her spirit, she is the great-granddaughter of a Southern Hoo Doo Priestess with a magic of her own. Destined to give back and get back what was taken back, she is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Sports Against Violence Through Education, and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Urban Science Education. A lead teacher at a public high school, she was awarded the 2011 Award for Classroom Excellence by NYC Public Schools Chancellor Walcott. Nothing concerns her more than building a bridge to close the academic Achievement Gap.

Brontez Purnell was just voted one of the Out 100. Who reads Out? Gay yuppies like the ones he used to serve burgers and blowjobs to at three a.m. at a diner in the Castro. An Alabama native, Brontez "escaped" to earn his "fortune" in the yuppie provincial town of San Francisco. Since, he's shot music videos and thrown bitter one-liners on the streets of the Bay where he rules every scene and fits in nowhere. Brontez does it all. He is a writer (Maximum Rock'n'Roll columnist, FAG SCHOOL fanzine editor, Sister Spit 2012 tour Featured Reader, Radar Writer's Retreat 2012 Fellow), musician (Younger Lovers, ex-Gravy Train!!!), and dancer (Brontez Purnell Dance Company lead choreographer). He's currently finishing his debut novel Johnny, Would You Love Me if My Dick Were Bigger?

Cristy C. Road is a 29-year-old, Brooklyn-based Cuban-American illustrator and writer who’s been contributing to queer arts, punk, writing, and activism communities since 1996. In all her creative endeavors, she blends the inevitable existence of social principles, sexual identity, and mental inadequacies to testify to the beauty of the imperfect. Road published a zine, Greenzine, for ten years, and has released three books: Indestructible, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick, and Bad Habits. She’s currently collaborating on a Tarot Card deck with the award-winning author, Michelle Tea; writing a graphic memoir entitled Spit and Passion, and playing in her band, The Homewreckers.

Max Steele is a performer and writer. He has presented work at the New Museum, Deitch Projects, Dixon Place, Envoy Enterprises, PPOW Gallery, and the Queens Museum of Art. In addition to writing the psychedelic porno poetry zine Scorcher, his writing has been featured in Dossier Journal, Spank, Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art, East Village Boys and Birdsong.

Jessica Strang was born in Alabama, and makes a meager living writing on the Internet under various pseudonyms. When she's not too burnt out, she also writes fiction. She's a past recipient of the Florida Suncoast Writers' Fiction Award, and her work has most recently appeared in her computer's hard drive in a folder labeled "Stuff."

Joseph Whitt is a Brooklyn-based artist, writer and independent curator. His work has been featured in exhibitions and events at various venues (CRG Gallery, Deitch Projects, PPOW, Envoy Enterprises, Starr Space) and his writing has appeared in numerous publications (Art Papers, ArtUS, K48, Useless Magazine). He is currently working on a book titled T.M.I.