Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bitchin' download

 My old friend, Greg Harvester, has been doing a blog called REMOTE OUTPOSTS where he's been going through his collection of old demos, writing about them and then making them available for download. His love and dedication to music (particularly of DIY punk/Region Rock), is something that I've admired for a long time, so I felt honored when he decided to post the old Bitchin' demo. Maybe he could sense across the country that Todd, Alicia (old Bitchin' roadie) and I had just spent Christmas Eve together, laughing about all the crazy shit that used to happen on tour? It was a psychic punk call to Greg to tap back into the spirit of, "the night life, the tight style!"

In any case, the songs on this demo were released later in 2000 on two seven inches- one on No Idea (which doesn't seem to be listed on their site anymore), and the other on a German label (now defunct), called Scene Police. Crazy shit! This was nearly twelve years ago- a lifetime away. Lot's has happened in between- much travel, art making, living in different cities... living life! It makes me feel old thinking about it- but in the best way possible- particularly since so many folks that I've known for the past fifteen years only seem more awesome as time passes. Like a fine wine, these folks are aging well! Punk is not dead around here, by gawd!

Thanks to Greg for keeping it real- for digitizing all these tapes of days gone by (there are soooo many great bands posted) and making it all available to either folks who used to own these tapes before they broke, or for kids who have never even owned a cassette player before.

Bitchin'/OFR mini-tour breakdown!! Photo by Greg