Thursday, October 20, 2011

Events in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I've been up in Halifax, Nova Scotia doing an artists residency at The Roberts Street Social Centre/Anchor Achive Zine Library and needless to say, it's been a totally great experience. Everyone that I've encountered here at the space are some of the sweetest, most inspiring folk that I've met in a long time. It's been refreshing to see a larger group of people that have figured out the fine balance of being politically minded, community oriented, and FUN (all at the same time, yes- it is possible), while also maintaining a space where people can think big, connect with others and work on long-term projects. Roberts Street, you really have a lot of magic going on and thanks for inviting me to participate in some of it!
 My time here is wrapping up, but not without a couple events this upcoming weekend. Listed below are the details, as well as a few photos from this amazing and beautiful city...

Join Caroline Paquita (Brooklyn, NY) at the Halifax Zine Fair this Saturday! She'll be tabling with Roberts Street and will be taking questions on everything from printing, Risograph duplicators, the "Occupy" movement, feminism, bee-keeping, raising chickens in urban environments and more. Ask anything and she will try to answer, as best as she can...
WOMANIMALISTIC #2: Coochie Party (a work in progress done during her residency) will be available for sale, as well as WOMANIMALISTIC #1, a 2012 calendar and FUTURE TENSE, a new comic compilation featuring 11 different artists from Germany and the U.S. Come and get it while you can!

first page in the new zine
The following night (Sunday, the 23rd), please join her at Roberts Street for a potluck and fire (weather permitting). All printing geeks (meaning anyone who loves printed matter) are encouraged to attend, in order to have an informal, larger discussion about the mediums and techniques that are used to get work out into the larger world. Think of it as a very relaxed skillshare and a nice way to spend your Sunday night, after a long weekend of music and zines. 7pm, onwards!

"Rustic Shack," aka, my little sleeping den.
View of my messy den
Favorite poster to stare at in bed

Local store (specializing in products from Newfoundland) that sells sauerkraut by the pound
View from a bunker in Point Park