Monday, June 27, 2011

Photo a day project and other goings on...

Present from the cats. Port Quincy, Brooklyn, NY. 6/27/11 by caroline paquita

Present from the cats. Port Quincy, Brooklyn, NY. 6/27/11, a photo by caroline paquita on Flickr.

I've started a new daily project, where I'm attempting to take a photo a day. Recently, I got my hands on a Canon G12 (one of the best point and shoot digital cameras ever!), after having many cameras handed down to me as folks upgraded and became totally cell-phone-camera-dependent. It's nice to finally have a camera that has lots of manual settings, but is still portable, "discrete," and takes superb photos- seriously, it really does make a difference! 
I've already missed a few days, but with some dates, there may be more than one photo- it's kind of like flossing, this project. You ideally want to do it everyday, but it doesn't always happen and by the time you remember, it's too late and you just have to wait til the next day.... 

In the best of circumstances, I'd post a week's worth of photos at a time- but seeing how busy things get here, it may end up being quite sporadic. We'll see... I'll be moving into a new studio soon and hope to be working more regularly on my art. Things are always chaotic, but who knows? Maybe I really will get to take a photo a day and post it regularly? That's the plan, at least.
Oh, and while I'm on the topic of photos, pictures from my European jaunt are also up on flickr! 174 photos selected out of over 1,400 taken in roughly four and a half weeks- not an easy task to filter out which ones can be shared on the olde internet...

"Soft serve treat in Brighton Beach, England," a photo by caroline paquita on Flickr.

Meanwhile, here at Port Quincy, summertime has finally settled in. Precious- one of the six chickens- has been brooding, the bees are in full force, the Milk Not Jails campaign (run out of the house) won a dairy parade upstate, and now some of the roommates have left for Bread and Puppet
I've been trying to work on the 2012 calendar, as well as the new issue of WOMANIMALISTIC, but real-world-work has suddenly taken over my life, leaving my sore and tired all the time, but at least not broke. 
Another project worth noting is that I'm beginning to set up a small queer, feminist, art-freaker press. Tentatively named PEGACORN PRESS, the first publication should be out by the early Fall, before I head up to Nova Scotia for an artist's residency. More details on that will soon be available, but for now, it looks like there is about 5-6 awesome comic making bad-asses that will be contributing. It's going to be printed here at Port Quincy on the Risograph and should be pretty rad once it's out! The theme is about "2012" and/or "THE FUTURE." With the folks that are involved, it promises to be both funny as hell and a cornucopia of talent...
If you're setting up any group shows and would like to extend an invitation my way, I'm always down. In the meantime, I'm plugging away here in the heat, trying to make the magic happen while listening to some of my favorite mixes made by DeeJay Karo. I highly recommend that you download/purchase his tapes- I have about ten or more mixes of his and they all "totally rule."