Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday harvesting

What else it there to say? I love the days when I can get out in the wilds to harvest my favorite plants. I've been hoping to find a bunch of Dandelion blossoms to make an aperitif and luckily found not only a good batch, but also stumbled across a gigantic area full of Violets in full bloom. The Nettles are growing like crazy and looking beautiful in their springtime glory- got a few stings in for fun and also by accident.
Was able to identify some new flowers today: Dwarf Cinquefoil for sure, and possibly Wild Indigo? Not definite at all on that one. With all the flowers emerging, sometimes it's hard to figure it all out without getting sucked into looking in field guides the whole time. They're useful and I'd be the first to recommend having a few around for reference, but sometimes you just want to be out and enjoying your time with your plant friends.

Backwards and weird looking photo of the Dandelion and Violet Aperitifs.

Cooking up a Nettle quesadilla!

Nettle tops to dry for tea.