Sunday, February 15, 2009


Despite the cold and slowness of winter, there's been a lot going on, or at least in the works. The biggest thing is that I finally got it together and applied to graduate school in New York. Regardless of whether or not I get in, I'm moving there May 1st- so any leads on decent jobs or relatively cheap, non-moldy rooms would be appreciated, since I'm on the lookout for both. The feeling is that it's about time to finally move again and also to the "BIG CITY." The idea of living there has been around for over a decade and I'm just now thinking that I'd be able to pull it off. I wonder if all this economic turmoil is going to help or hinder me since I already live like such a scrub. It's hard to say what the hell is going to happen to me, let alone the rest of the world at this point! Shit!
That being said, and to go ahead and throw it out there: I'd like to meet other folks who know of safe places to harvest medicinal/edible plants from, in or outside the greater NYC area. There's plenty of places to buy herbs/food from, but it's just not the same as finding your own, you know? Half the fun is being outside and seeing where it all comes from. Living in Rhode Island and being able to easily get into the woods and out of the city, has really spoiled me. Keep me posted if you know any herbalists (or just plain old urban freaks) that would be into me accompanying them on gathering adventures. Fermented food enthusiasts are also encouraged to get in touch, particularly if you have extra koji or kefir grains.
A total longshot, but.... if you happen to be an experienced beekeeper in the NYC area with an active beehive, and want to train me as your apprentice- please, please, please, email immediately!
Before moving away, I'm gearing up to do a collaborative installation with my amazingly wonderful friend, Kasey Henneman. In late March, we'll be heading to Bloomington, Indiana to set it up at the DIY gallery/record store SWEET HICKORY. It's called RIDICULOUSITIES and I think that the work is going to be some of our best yet.
There should be some new work posted on the website soon, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, stay warm and healthy- Spring is almost here!